What’s the proper way to double cleanse?

2021.09.24 19:47 pootscoot1 What’s the proper way to double cleanse?

Hi! I have just started on the road to getting rid of my fungal acne. After lurking in the sun, I’ve decided that I would use Bioderma Sensibio micellar water to cleanse, rinse, then follow with CosRX 96 Snail Mucin and TO Squalane. This has been working okay for me so far (I’m only a few days in) but I’m wondering how to use sunscreen. If I’m not using actual face wash to wash my face, how should I get rid of the sunscreen at the end of the day? Or would just using the micellar water and rinsing it be enough? My moisture barrier is already hanging on by a thread so I’m kind of afraid to do too much scrubbing with micellar water. I figured I’d ask here! Thank you!
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2021.09.24 19:47 SlivinkaNi Google reviews as a hobby. An addiction story.

My best friend recently moved to a new state, and she's had to start looking up new places to eat.
This is how we found a new hobby.
No one happy leaves a review. This is a simple law of the universe. Like thermodynamics.
The best ones are under 2 or 1 stars, where we have the usual confluence of absolute rage and literary diatribe. We discovered this hobby when I told her about my experience at sonic, and that I had posted a review. She spent thirty minutes reading terrible reviews until she found me. We now do this for really every place, and I really just wanted to eat good food. But now the review filter is toggled, and I bask in the rage of my fellow humans.
Does anyone have any particular Google reviews?
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2021.09.24 19:47 GreyMatterMatters-69 🤔🤷‍♂️🦍

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2021.09.24 19:47 Overall-Classic4244 https://youtube.com/shorts/7QHe3zRHGA8?feature=share

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2021.09.24 19:47 -Dastardly- My very serious cat.

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2021.09.24 19:47 dasvoss Leggacy: pumpkin crunch

6 days 25 coop. Please post if prefarming and or have this
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2021.09.24 19:47 OtherwiseExcellent Do you ever match with people you know?

You ever see the profile of someone you know on a dating app and think "wouldn't it be funny if we matched"? I guess I just kinda want to know what other people think or do when they get in the same situation.
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2021.09.24 19:47 ricksonbyarmbar124D Muay Thai Ed (education) Visa

Hey guys
Thanks for the replies and encouragement for my previous thread
Currently Researching Visas to enable me to train for a 12 months. Does anyone have any experiences of the Muay Thai Education Visa? How strict are they with attendance? Can I leave the country and come back? Waiting on responses for a couple of places for more info.
So far I understand Tiger Muay Thai offer one, Chiang Mai muay Thai and master toddy in BKK.
I am split between either applying for education visa to learn thai (watch a YouTube video that said their particular school was online lessons) or muay Thai visa. There are a few gyms i was planning to train at in 2-3 month stints in different parts of the country which is what I'd prefer then stay at 1 place for 12 months! .
Therotically could I apply for one gym 12 month visa but then after a period of time.. train at another place?
Lastly Tiger Muay Thai..is it as bad as I hear?
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2021.09.24 19:47 iamavoyager UK only 24 - Introvert? Talkative? Naturey? Imaginative?

Hi 🙂 I'm Marc. I'm 24 and from the North-West of England. I'm looking to hang out with similar folk in the UK, aged 20-26. Here are some things about me:
Height: 6'2
Appearance: see profile!
Personality: talkative, quite introverted, passionate, imaginative, caring ...
Humour: dad jokes
Passions: exploring places, wild nature, imagination, English language, creative writing, great friends!
Ambitions: move to more rural area and set up home there; finish at least one novel (in progress); work for myself
If lots of that caught your attention then feel free to message me!
Strictly UK only, sorry.
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2021.09.24 19:47 Azizul5519 Jadeite Token- Expensive Gemstone

The project is very unique n different from the others besides that I see a team that is very reliable and experienced in managing this project. I am sure this project will bring great success in future. https://jadeite.site/
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2021.09.24 19:47 Chemi_kyle I’m 32 today

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2021.09.24 19:47 idovoco Screen randomly touches itself

Using miui, and my screen randomly touches, opening stuff or just closing. Or just random touches on the screen, anyone having this same issue?
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2021.09.24 19:47 championofobscurity I [31M] Want my Ex back [34F]

My EX and I met online back in December 2020. We went on 3 dates, and because she was starting therapy she told me that she didn't want to see me any further. I respected that and moved on with my life. Come April, she reached out to me again and after a few more dates she asked me to be her boyfriend. This summer was the best summer of my entire life because of her. She is my vision of the ideal partner and I would do ANYTHING to go the distance with her. We went on 2 trips together and 99% of the relationship was positive.
She's a teacher and I am transitioning into teaching myself, so we spent damn near every Friday-Sunday together the entire summer. We met each other's families and friends, things were going swimmingly.
The sex was fun, on more than one occasion I gave her post-coital bliss so I'm not lacking for confidence there.
We talked every day, endlessly we always had stuff we wanted to share with each other. The 1% of the relationship that wasn't great is that she had a habit of undermining myself confidence. She would talk about how she missed being single, and that she was feral, and she felt she lost part of her identity to our relationship. Simultaneously however she would say that she didn't find me needy and I made it clear in no uncertain terms that I wasn't here to subtract from her life, only to add to it and that we could work out those elements of loss she felt.
Towards the end, she wanted to stop having sex blaming her libedo coming and going. She has ADHD and Anxiety and so I chopped it up to that and just chose to be understanding. I'm a medium sex partner myself so It wasn't that pressing. I enjoyed our companionship and fun vision of the future together more than anything. Eventually she told me she was attracted to powerful men (daddy issues, her dad's a cop) and she didn't see me as powerful but that she wanted to work it out.
Finally she broke up with me 3 weeks ago, partly because we both started masters programs and got fairly busy. Now I know in her heart she broke up with me before then but I want to rekindle what we had without being a PUA doucher. I've gone radio silent and I am of a growth mindset so I of course have been working on myself. In a sense I refuse to be heartbroken because I want to choose to believe in the chemistry we so clearly had, and it's not like the breakup was "bad" per se. I was a little upset, but the day after I apologized, and she gave me my belongings and we parted ways.
I'm just at a loss for what to do besides being patient for now. She's very clearly not in a rush to be with another person.
I guess I'm just looking for other people's success stories. I want to believe instead of being jaded.
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2021.09.24 19:47 SafalOP Bitgame: VIP Hierarchy

Bitgame users increase their VIP level with each bet. High-level VIPs not only receive level-up rewards as high as $30,000 but also up to 30% of loss yield rebate in future.
Join now platform! For more information; bitgame.com
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2021.09.24 19:47 Toughster-toughie Looking for online jewelry places where I can purchase some jewelry for my daith!

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2021.09.24 19:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Who is Meng Wanzhou? | NY Times

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2021.09.24 19:47 CoproX100 HEXARCHIA🤝UNIX EXCLUSIVE NFT DROP😇🕵️‍♂️

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2021.09.24 19:47 inadaydreamnation Does Swapping Characters in Battle Cost a Turn?

So, I feel like a real idiot, here, as, like, everyone says that they swap characters all of the time, but, as I have never done so, I'd like to know if it costs a turn. I basically just use Leo, Ez, and Valrika for every battle, to limited success so far. During a boss battle, though, using a turn to swap seems like just opening yourself up to mortal damage. Does it cost a turn?
I'm also curious of this, as I had wanted to use Leo, Kina, and Cherly, as they are my favorite characters, though I do like Valrika, but feel like Quick All, Attack Up, and All Potion L, in lieu of Heal All, are just totally requisite for winning just about any battle, and, so, can't seem to do without Ez, who kind of annoys me, to be honest.
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2021.09.24 19:47 brandoc0mmand0 Honda Time Attack Challenge - FK8 - Round 5 Buttonwillow CCW1

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2021.09.24 19:47 fiflak77 It's my 6th cake day! :D

Also next week is my 19th birthday :v
Anyone down for some chat? Here is my discord: fiflak77#1433 I'm probably gonna be sitting there whole night so hit me up!
We can play something on PC or Xbox if you want :)
About me? I'm a (soon to become) University Student that's gonna study Korean Philology I'm really into games, history, militaria collecting, 3D printing/Modeling, Game models ripping (that's a recent one :v), Airsoft, Graphic Design and Business 😎
You can ask me anything if you wis~
Have a great day/night redditors ❤
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2021.09.24 19:47 Jim420247 Put an end to cannabis prohibition finally!

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2021.09.24 19:47 FrontpageWatch2020 [#800|+6303|355] Trunk fistionary✊ [r/Unexpected]

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2021.09.24 19:47 BellKai Mega Houndoom right now

Right now. 3812 1830 6965
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2021.09.24 19:47 ReilN Natural Perfection whilst embarked

This was something that just occurred to me but I couldn't find a specific answer to. Can Lelith use her natural perfection ability in the command phase if she is embarked on a transport?
I'm specifically thinking of the line in the rule book saying "abilities have no affect on units while they are embarked". On the other hand, the rule itself just says you pick one of the two options in the command phase, they aren't going to actually be affected by it until they're out of the vehicle.
Any thoughts?
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2021.09.24 19:47 SayingAndUnsaying Confused by carbs -- what counts as an acceptable 'starch' versus 'refined carbs'?

White flour seems to be okay? What about corn flakes? Etc. Rather than going down a list for yes and no, how can one think about this so as to answer future questions for oneself?
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