Manga readers’s reaction after reading chapter 38.2 (spoiler for chapter 38.2)

2021.09.24 21:13 Lekmanutpls Manga readers’s reaction after reading chapter 38.2 (spoiler for chapter 38.2)

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2021.09.24 21:13 The1stCloutkage AGL LR Gohan & TEQ GoBros aged really nicely these past couple of months.

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2021.09.24 21:13 Zargoidthefirst War progress

Who are you voting for in the flint nock pistol vs combat shotgun round I ame going for combat.
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2021.09.24 21:13 RogalD0rn Fellow baseists, do you guys mind using the same base ideas for armies over, or go for a unique one each time?

Bit of a bind, so far with SM, Necrons,Thousand sons and drukhari I’ve managed to go for a unique base for the skirt every time, and started using some nurgle/mud base for my chadcast eternals and started painting death guard a week ago, can’t decide if I wanna go with the same basing or just find something different
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2021.09.24 21:13 iyoow ITAP of a flower

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2021.09.24 21:13 dreambringer1 Hayden Panettiere

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2021.09.24 21:13 NerdDaddySpicer Where do you recommend starting on this engine code? 09 Impala. Just had a leaking power steering pump pour all over the belt area. Internet says camshaft position sensor or variable timing solenoid as they're both below pump. AutoZone's readout recommends "camshaft timing gear sprocket".

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2021.09.24 21:13 Ethanhc88 Dusty

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2021.09.24 21:13 Sveinson Hit 110 OVR ungeared today!

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2021.09.24 21:13 Smudy This animation caught me off-guard | Powered by Kuwabara [Yu Yu Hakusho]

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2021.09.24 21:13 SpreadMountain7570 Strange migraine...

So I seem to get really streaky migraines at the beginning of spring and fall. They range in intensity and they can last for days. One time it was in and out of weeks. Same type too.
Ice pick pain behind one eye with throbbing around the same side temple. Neck pain that reaches to my shoulder. Really bad sinus pressure on same side of headache. Prior to these episodes Im constantly yawning. I'll also get a few migraines throughout the year but usually just once or twice a month. Is there such a thing as seasonal migraine? As I'm typing it I know how stupid it sounds but I'm at my wits end on trying to figure out my trigger and how to avoid it
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2021.09.24 21:13 hotlineAl I really wanted that promotion. I’m frustrated, I’m angry, I’m crushed.

Let me just start off by saying that despite the workplace being horrible enough for everyone that was here when I started to leave, I have broken my back to help this place.
Timeline Below:
Jan 2020: Hired. Important to note operations manager was hired 2 weeks before me, meaning they didn’t know the company nor processes, therefore couldn’t help train me. 1 Project Manager for 4 Sales Rep. hired as Project coordinator.
Feb 2020: PM fired. I step up to help fulfill PM duties. Not all since I was still fairly new but no complaints about the work I did, praised for stepping up & doing what I did.
March 2020: 6-7 SR now, 2 PMs hired. Sales rep split between PM. Remain as PC & support both. I HELPED train the PM’s.. first time someone says I should get a promotion since I trained them and understood the process. I think it’s too early but nonetheless.
June 2020: PM with 4 SR quits due to racial happenings at work (yup this place is that bad). I get asked to cover her, 90% of duties as I still had to do PM & my own PC roles to my PM work and other PM. No raise, a lot of overtime. 10-12 hour days WHILE going to school.
July 2020: new PC is hired (S) to help me a bit. Operations manager finally steps to help & supports other PM in order for me to focus on my PM stuff.
At this point multiple people are saying I should def get a promotion. Accounting, Previous PM, PC, even the reps I help say they wouldn’t mind keeping me as a PM. I start believing it.
August 2020: New PM is hired & all the projects are taken away from me except 1 big one (always running) since no one else knew how to do it. Actually loved this PM, helped me grow even more. Helped me fight for a raise - they tried to give me $2 when they offered $4 to a new PC I was going to train. I found out about the $ when I received an email from indeed & saw what they offered. At this point I’m capped out PC responsibilities wise, next step is to get promoted. S gets fired. Back to being the only PC.
September 2020: new PC hired (M). Helped train them. They Support other PM.
February 2021: another big project is given to me from rep that was not on my support list.
May 2021: another PC is hired. Helped train them. Joined a third PM that only focuses on 1 rep & process is different than the other PM/SR.
June 2021: management causes both Senior PMs to put their notice in same day. Not on purpose. M & I step up from PC to help PM responsibilities. This is my THIRD time stepping up as PC to PM. Before leaving, my PM suggested to the OWNER that I should be promoted, that I’m more than capable. We ask to be made permanent but they say they’ll hire new PMs.
August 2021: New PM’s hired, we go back to PC. I get both of my big projects taken away from me to focus just as PC…
September 2021: M’s PM gets fired & everything shuffles. M is officially promoted to PM. The third PC moves from supporting the other PM to now helping M.
During all this time, I’m told & presented as the all-star, Jack of all trades, teacher of our processes, etc. PRAISED that my PMs get the BEST person but yet here we are. Passed over a promotion by someone who has been here less than I have. That’s the only “bad” thing I’ll say about M, I like them they’re great but it actually hurts that they didn’t go with me after being showered with praises, working long hours when they had no one, stepping up to the plate even if I didn’t know much at the time. At this point i no longer have any ambitions of being great. Enough to make sure nothing is wrong with projects but not going over the limit. Is this what great employees get?
My previous PM has an opportunity to join them at her new place because they know im capable. They love their new job. It would be a nice paybump (30-40%) but not until January.
I thought I could handle until then but Everytime they mention M being the new PM, my gut sinks & I feel like im not enough. They threw a celebration for them but I passed since I had school.. I feel like even if I didn’t want to, my face would not look as happy as everyone else. I don’t want to be sour to M since they’re great but it’s management decision that makes me feel a lil salty. Not sure if I should hold until Jan and go to a great place or leave now and potentially end up somewhere worst.
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2021.09.24 21:13 fallsdarkness Alinity discusses pooping

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2021.09.24 21:13 Ok_Grocery8652 Building Damage multiplier?

I was wondering if there was a damage multiplier against buildings for monsters?
The stake wall has 1000 hp, the basic troll does up to 310 damage to it as listed (70 blunt, 100 chop (2x because of venerable to chop making it 200 instead) and 40 pick). That would indicate a 0 star troll would need atleast 4 swings to break a wall but they normally do so in 1-2. What am I missing?
I want to know this when trying to plan defenses for other biomes, how long each defense can hold vs how expensive.
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2021.09.24 21:13 guy9988 What would cause all these issues? I will also say I printed it with a brim and at one part the brim was not together

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2021.09.24 21:13 soul-scaper Ah why can't we all just get along?

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2021.09.24 21:13 Tygertyger19 Sasha FS

Do we have a video of Sasha’s FS from stage 1 of the Russia cup? I see Liza’s but I can’t find Sasha’s.
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2021.09.24 21:13 fightermafia Does increasing the idle speed pose any risk to the engine?

Hi everyone, I have a Seat Leon with a 3 cylinder 115hp 1.0 TSI petrol engine. Unfortunately when the car is running at idle speed (around 900rpm) it vibrates a lot (see video below). I want to increase that value because this vibration is literally driving me crazy. I talked to the dealer and checked other cars if same thing is also existent on them. Turns out, vibration is pretty common among 3 cylinders and it is being considered as a normal thing.
Anyway, I am planning to adjust the idle speed to 1200rpm because the engine feels a lot smoother at that level. The car is almost 2 years old. Would this action cause any harm on the engine? Any opinions?
Here is a video of my car's engine running at idle:
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2021.09.24 21:13 rewff Does anyone makes mk18 fsp ris ii clone for the mws? My other option is to cut the madbull m4a1 fsp at the end but I'd rather not. Pic included of what I'm talking about.

Does anyone makes mk18 fsp ris ii clone for the mws? My other option is to cut the madbull m4a1 fsp at the end but I'd rather not. Pic included of what I'm talking about. submitted by rewff to GasBlowBack [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 21:13 turkishdeveloper Tell Me

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2021.09.24 21:13 Federal_Specialist93 Shadow Hordes. Will plarium ever move him to Shadowkin?

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2021.09.24 21:13 mhornberger Unicorn Biotechnologies Is Making Purpose-Built Bioreactors for Cell-Based Meat Production

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2021.09.24 21:13 boom_biscuit Looking for a gaming Monitor 144hz 27"

Hey, im pretty bad with tech so I don't really know what to get. After searching and asking my friends I want to get a 27" Monitor with 144hz. They said if I upgrade I should take qhd. I looked at BenQ and Asus but the variety is huge and I don't know what's the difference between them, the AOC Gaming Q27G2U would be good I think, my max price would be 275€. Right know I have a 27" 75hz 1ms BenQ. And I play mostly Valorant and FF14. Some help would be nice. Thank you
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2021.09.24 21:13 Uncontemp ASMR | Artist draws you in 5 Minutes! ✨

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2021.09.24 21:13 BenDadkiller Oh boy no

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