[FOR HIRE] Watercolor painting and illustration. PM if interested

2021.09.24 19:26 panisdrawing2000 [FOR HIRE] Watercolor painting and illustration. PM if interested

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2021.09.24 19:26 Suspicious_Sugar6254 Is borrowing a low-level dino from a friend to retrieve my stuff after dying that big of a deal?

Hello everyone,
I recently started playing this game, I love the concept, I initially tried Rust a couple years ago but literally only played for like 4-5 hours until I dropped it because of how toxic the community was, I mean I get it the purpose of the game is to destroy other players and steal their resources etc but I was having more issues with the typical toxic behavior you see in some games like racism and edgy teenagers who they they are funny but are actually cringy and annoying etc etc plus I did not have any friends to play that game with so I decided to drop it.

About a week ago a friend of mine (irl) invited me to play Ark with him and his friends, he spent like over 1000 hours on this game and created his own server, so it was just him and like 6 other people playing PVE just for fun, I looked at the game and I loved the concept, so I agreed.

So I bought the game and played with them pretty much every night in the past week, had a ton of fun, we had mods and we were just playing casual for the laughs but also were trying to level up and tame as much dinos as we could and all that. We were all in one tribe obviously and really didn't bother locking anything, as far as I know we were to some extent sharing resources if anyone needed anything, not that I have taken any resources from anyone (except for a few occasions where I had asked for something specific, but nothing excessive).

So here is the thing, I am a simple person, always hated toxicity in games so I always make sure to play with friends who share the same mentality, also I am in my early 30s so I just play games to relax after work, I am definitely not a hardcore gamer and not really that competitive.

Yesterday I was exploring on the island and got killed by a high level creature, unfortunately I died on like a cliff, and it seems like the game bugged out because I could not see the green beacon after I died, I have tried to find my corpse but the area was tough to reach and I kept dying again since I did not have all my gear.

I did not have any flying Dinos at that point, mine all pretty much got killed recently, and I was running out of time to get my gear back from my corpse. We have a large number of Dinos at our base, so I decided to borrow a low level flying Dino just to retrieve my stuff back, I did not even check whom it belonged to, but I was really under the impression that no one would mind, its just a bunch of 30 something guys having fun. So I flew to find my corpse and unfortunately things got out of hand and I got killed along with that dino. by the time that this happened, whoever owned the dino logged in on the server, and he saw that his dino had died, so I explained to him what happened, apologized and was kinda really talking about it in a funny manner, because that is usually what happens when one of our dinos gets killed, we just have a laugh and move on.

Apparently that dude took it seriously, he started having an attitude with me and told me I should tame my own dinos, well yeah duh, but I was kinda in a pinch and was running out of time to retrieve my gear and items. At that point, my friend who invited me to the game intervened and said "I told you to return his Dino", when he said it back then I did not know it was that serious for them, so I just told him yeah of course I will return it after getting my stuff. But apparently they now saw me as a thief as I did not ask for permission. I just really thought the whole thing was stupid as we were grown adults playing for fun, heck I wouldn't mind if they borrowed anything from me, that same friend had just borrowed my raft and left it at the other side of the map, when he told me I just laughed it off.

So after noticing the serious atmosphere I just apologized again but said that I thought I did not really need to ask since we were all just playing for fun, also that dino was only level 25, it is not like I killed a rare high level dino, I literally would have tamed my own if I had the time to get my stuff back. But after I apologized my friend got involved again and said "I cannot believe you just took someone's dino without asking for permission". At that point it was clear to me that maybe this isn't the kind of casual group I wanted to play with, so I just left the server, and no one bothered to ask me to play with them again (which I wouldn't anyway).

But it just kinda ruined my night a bit, I deal with a lot of stress in my life and I play to relax and have fun, I was very friendly with everyone in that group, and it is not like I was just leeching and stealing their stuff at all, it was literally the first time I even used one of their dinos. but oh well.

going back to my original question, was what I did that seriously messed up that they were that upset with me?
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2021.09.24 19:26 venkatron Which Kit to build- RG Crossbone X1, or the MG Crossbone X-1 Ver.ka? (Currently building the MG Crossbone X-2 ver ka )

I was considering whether I should give the RG to my coworker as a going away present, and getting the MG version of the X1 and X3.
Part of me wants to build the RG X1 though...
Reasons to lean towards the MG

Reasons to lean towards the RG
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2021.09.24 19:26 vodkaffee Goddamit

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2021.09.24 19:26 muspellart Need a Wearing is Caring Award and Trophy? Name a non-standard color and it's yours. :-)

Hello! I have a handful of Wearing is Caring awards to dole out. Just name a color is that isn't a basic answer and that's it!
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2021.09.24 19:26 kustomdenver1 are you people all wannabe electric engineers?

I asked a question and I got responses saying no it won't work then i ask why and then nothing. are you all just a bunch of nerd assholes?
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2021.09.24 19:26 anakwardspace She kept her word. It’s coming!

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2021.09.24 19:26 EarthWarping Who's got Erin O'Toole's back?

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2021.09.24 19:26 ATBurton22 2 for 1

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2021.09.24 19:26 doswelljames Real estate tax exemption in Pennsylvania

Anyone in here have experience with Pennsylvania’s real estate tax exemption? There’s some language I’ve got questions about concerning the income limit.
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2021.09.24 19:26 ST_paperagent Ich wenn es bei Nintendo online kein dk64 gibt

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2021.09.24 19:26 MetalMattyPA Just wanted to share my 500 Abarth cause I love it and why not! Thing is an absolute riot to drive, definitely the most fun car I've ever owned.

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2021.09.24 19:26 -Dastardly- Millie really wants her dinner...right now!

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2021.09.24 19:26 Nooby1000 In case you're wondering, this is modded hatching league, (i won but wtf)

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2021.09.24 19:26 mmmarms this chocolate that looks like rusty pliers

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2021.09.24 19:26 UnhappyDiscussion289 20/F/ Vietnamese, who is super bored!

Hello lovely people, I'm looking for someone who I can write to frequently, as writing is not something that I am super confident in and I've always wanted to improve my writing skill over the years. I love sending postcards and cute stuff to people but I can't really do much for now as Vietnam is still under lockdown :( Hopefully things will get better soon so that I'll be able to send you some nice stuff 💖 A bit about me: I'm from Vietnam but I'm currently attending university in the UK and going into my final year soon. I am now living at home and doing my course online because my visa hasn't been renewed :( but I hope to be back in the UK very soon! Prior to my return, I had been living in the UK for about 4 years as I also did my A-levels there. Would love to make some new British friends (and friends from around the world of course) since I sort of lost contact with some of my friends during my gap year. Also, as a lost 20-year-old, I wouldn't mind receiving some wise life/ career advice from people over 30 as well, love learning from people around me!
My hobbies change all the time so I don't really know what I am into most of the time lol, but one thing I do know is I love talking about Korean girlgroups and variety shows/ dramas. I'm more into gen 2 groups and TWICE (I love Blackpink too but their music isn't my cup of tea, same with BTS unfortunately :(). Other than that, I also love tea (seriously, like all types of tea - Chinese tea, Chai, Bubble tea, British tea, etc.) and food from around the world (I mean Vietnamese food is *cough* the best but I wouldn't say no to some good food and chips 😉Ooh, also into crocheting but not really good at it ;;-;; Thanks for reading this and feel free to message me anytime! xx
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2021.09.24 19:26 totomoto101 🎏Clarity awaits you. ✨Psychic reading✨

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2021.09.24 19:26 Bitter_Shit69 Would you rather live in Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, or Fascist Italy?

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2021.09.24 19:26 BADLlAR as a christian, do you really think it’s bad to watch shows like harry potter and wizards of waverly place?

i feel like a lot of 90s and 00s kids from christian families weren’t allowed to watch these growing up. i was allowed to watch these both of these. i watched WOWP, it was one of my favorite shows and honestly still is. i never took an interest in harry potter but now i’m in college i’m deciding to watch it because i’ve realized i’m like the only person who hasn’t seen it. i’m just wondering because now that i think about it i feel like these christians who say they’re bad are overreacting. they’re not bad at all. i’m just curious what other people’s thoughts are on this
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2021.09.24 19:26 messysagittarius Even more Crystal Methyd for Patou

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2021.09.24 19:26 zan3gar Need to be critiqued on my portfolio website. My friends and family just say Nice! Cool! Need real criticism here thanks!

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2021.09.24 19:26 Two7Five7One7 Nintendo direct 😡

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2021.09.24 19:26 liftonark $100 adidas Originals 4D Fusio Shoes Men's | Retail $200

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2021.09.24 19:26 Ekibiogami0 Uwu

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2021.09.24 19:26 JUST-PURE-BOMB Looking for a factions realm

Preferably one that has a shop
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