First impressions on Battlefield Mobile

2021.09.24 20:34 iceleel First impressions on Battlefield Mobile

- game runs well on mid range phone (I have OnePlus Nord)
- there is option that will prioritze frame rate over visuals
- currently there is no option for resolution scaling so game on phone looked a bit soft
- game only takes 791 MB atm

Controls & gameplay:
- controls felt good
- aim assist was a bit low for mobile game, but there's autoshotting option to make it a bit easier
- you can move touch controls around and EVEN HUD elements like minimap, compass...
- there is seperate option to change vehicle controls as well
- compass shows objectives which should help getting people onto objectives
- TTK feels very good, not too short and not too long, I think AR took about 5 body shots
- rounds are shorter than on PC
- I don't know if there's bots, but some people in my lobby were def. players because they were much better than others
I must say I'm impressed by game. I think it's very good mobile shooter and people will like it. The only fear is that EA will get greedy and add gameplay effecting microtransactions but lets hope that doesn't happen.
Also feels pretty polished for game that's not out until next year which is good sign. This is first game for this studio since EA acquired them, and it's looking like it could be a hit in mobile fps market.
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2021.09.24 20:34 bmgc89 Few of my favorites from tailgating Jimmy @ Red Rocks Morrison, Colorado

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2021.09.24 20:34 trueworldnews Car Pool from Alkhuwair to SQU (Afternoon Classes) [/u/Narrow-Ride-9877]

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2021.09.24 20:34 Near4k hiii

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2021.09.24 20:34 itsjacklmao Someone needs to make a fringe tier list template with all of the characters but here’s my ranking of the characters that are on tier list maker.

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2021.09.24 20:34 louis_picard Haven , Louis Picard, Digital, 2021

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2021.09.24 20:34 DaarkGhost I made a Haachama themed wallpaper on WE

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2021.09.24 20:34 Belalmondeo Asus TUF Gaming VG258QM 24.5" 1920x1080 280 Hz Monitor | Newegg (19% off) - $249.99 (New), pay only $229.99 after $20.00 rebate, Free Newegg X ASUS Shopping Bag w/ purchase, limited offer.

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2021.09.24 20:34 james33299 Brazil sets 5G mobile auction for Nov 4, says minister

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2021.09.24 20:34 whisky_sith Happy Friday🍻 [seiko alpinist sbdc119]

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2021.09.24 20:34 WhiteKatAudios [Spin and Gos] Solving Preflop When Someone is Sitting Out

So, I don't know if anyone else gets confused as to how to adjust when someone is sitting out, but I decided to play around with SimplePreflop to see if I could get something interesting to come out.
For the SB sitting out:
Note: I included the option to limp, but for all stacks the solver didn't ever limp a considerable amount. The amount it did is shown in orange.
Unfortunately, it's a little bit harder to get the BB to sit out b/c checks aren't automatic folds so I'll have to go through and make sure that there are auto-bet/fold interactions postflop to replicate that, but, for now, looking at 25bb w/ no limps I've found a strange bet size preference. If I'm reading the results correctly [which I might not be, please correct me if I'm wrong]
4BB is the preferred raise sizing at 25bb stacks. I guess b/c there is 1bb dead in the pot and you get to play post-flop in position the solver tries to steal + prevent the SB from seeing the flop very cheaply: Here are the Nash EVs that were calculated for different sizings:
If my understanding is correct, the difference in EVs is the important part.
Don't want to read through the link: BU EV goes down, but the SB EV goes down faster.

In terms of ranges I only have the 4x ones b/c I forgot to save the others...
The BU range becomes more like a push/fold chart rather than post flop playability and SB calling disappears almost entirely, which is pretty neat imo.
My next project(s) will be to: 1. See what happens when limping is an option 2. Ensure that the fuckery with raise sizing is consistent throughout different stack sizes + with limping.
Hope you enjoyed this very niche post ^w^
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2021.09.24 20:34 BryceCarper New cool taste video! "GTA 6 trailer reaction".

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2021.09.24 20:34 amnesiac7 MN GOP Rep. spreads voted fraud disinformation, draws rebuke from SoS

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2021.09.24 20:34 Imaginary-Pay-8397 🚨 $MAKA Finance Launching NOW | Earn passive rewards BUSD | Auto invest your rewards for compounded rewards | US Based Team | Liquidity Locked

🔎 MAKA is a community-driven evolution of yield-generating contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Just by holding MAKA Tokens you automatically generate passive income which can be paid out in your choice of BUSD
You also have the ability to automatically reinvest your passive rewards in order to compound your earnings. Rewards distributions occur every 24 hours.
💥 The MAKA token has three functions that occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and a Buyback. The token contract employs a static rewards system utilizing 10% of every transaction.
👉🏼7% redistributed to holders
👉🏼 2% is used to fuel the liquidity pool exchange growth
👉🏼 2% extra sell fee is used to give more stability to the token over swing traders
👉🏼 The contract will periodically buy back and burn MAKA tokens
🐳 The transaction limit has been set at 1% of total supply. This discourages holders with a large number of tokens from having a substantial impact on the price.
Contract: 0xed1a2bef0578e8acf7c80ee0ecb0332ca61b88a4
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.24 20:34 Ricerooni [WTS] HK MP5 30rd Magazines (RAL8000) x3 / YHM Phantom QD + 5.56 Brake Combo (OR)

Rules of the trade with me:

Also for downvoters, your mom's a hoe.
YHM Phantom QD Mount + 5.56 QD Brake - $90 $85 FF Shipped
I'm just looking to save shipping and convenience by bundling them together. Straight take off from my new suppressor. Comes with factory shims.
HK MP5 30Rd Magazine in RAL8000 (3) - $78 FF Shipped (Per)/$220 FF Shipped (Bundled)
Never used. Just downsizing is all. Tried my best to represent the true color of RAL8000.
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2021.09.24 20:34 philnewman100 Buck researchers provide a framework to study precision nutrigeroscience and promote longevity

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2021.09.24 20:34 diverdown125 Need card protection advice

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2021.09.24 20:34 zodiak246 betta fish

How to upgrade?
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2021.09.24 20:34 redditis4pedoss What jobs exist only because something is illegal?

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2021.09.24 20:34 EnvironmentalLie6823 first time being this lucky:v

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2021.09.24 20:34 latuk MORE Act up for vote next week. Contact your reps and let them know how you feel about this.

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2021.09.24 20:34 james33299 Intel breaks ground on $20 billion Arizona plants as U.S. chip factory race heats up

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