What’s this snake. NY USA

2021.10.19 21:13 Red4Ever What’s this snake. NY USA

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2021.10.19 21:13 johnevil Ignacio - Virton (Chris Liebing Remix) (2001)

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2021.10.19 21:13 Broken-Watch Mxr whenever my family enters the room

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2021.10.19 21:13 TheZombaslaya Blursed_TinderProfile

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2021.10.19 21:13 tw8810300 Help

I got GAS..... I think it was from that gas station burrito I ate earlier..... ugh excuse me I think I need to go to the bathroom and release the demons
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2021.10.19 21:13 YourErika Reddit chat is broken

My reddit chat shows a notification but when I click it I have no new messages and it won't go away. I have tried everything I can think of. Does anyone know how to fix it?
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2021.10.19 21:13 Arkstar_ Unemployment rates for session drummers SKYROCKETED after this dropped.

Unemployment rates for session drummers SKYROCKETED after this dropped.
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2021.10.19 21:13 Sweedtea Polis: Torpeder värvas på ungdomshem

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2021.10.19 21:13 joyousjoyness Thanks for the heads up!

I have lots of success sharing my artwork on reddit and love the community here. Lots of positivity!
Recently, I discovered 9GAG and thought it'd be a nice new place to share my artwork, and found it was so odd that they were so restrictive with posts. I kept getting temporarily banned for 12-24 hours.
Did some research and came across this group and the pinned post. I did notice that the hot posts were crass and racist and low quality. I'm not going to have my work be associated with that. Deleted my account. Thanks for the heads up!
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2021.10.19 21:13 batsmoney BATS Money NFT collection from 0.01 ETH, SOLD 9/1827 OpenSea

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2021.10.19 21:13 newsfeedmedia Ulrika Jonsson accidentally flashes fans her nipple as she shares sultry early morning snap

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2021.10.19 21:13 Maleficent_Cup_7430 Easiest public Health class and how they looks like

Hello everyone, I need help with which public health class is easiest for 300 -400 levels.
Some of the options are PUBH 330, PUBH 350, PUBH 401, PUBH 420 & PUBH 430.
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2021.10.19 21:13 Yayfara Ocean's haunted.

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2021.10.19 21:13 Snoo_41127 Looking to buy or trade for Cressida

Not doing any ridiculous amounts, just slightly above retail
I have 5’ Emily, 5’ Autumn, 8’ Daxxon and a few others ft
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2021.10.19 21:13 estomax Sauna floating bench span droop limit

Hey Guys,
I am building a floating bench (hopefully) in my sauna. I am not a wood worker but am handy enough and can follow building codes. On the sauna front, joist/beam span tables are one place to start but I'd prefer input from people who have gone through it as well. I am wondering what I should consider the max acceptable deflection of the 2x4 bench frame I am putting in?
My room is 7x7 feet, and the bench framing is 2x4 clear western cedar joists, with a 2x2 stringer to hold a short wise 2x2 seating surface with 1/2" dowel spacing.
Currently, if i plop my almost 200 lb self on the corner of the top bench, it deflects down towards the floor about 3/8 inch. I am putting no load to the back 2x4 joist which is essentially infinitely stiff (screwed into the studs of the back wall), so this deflection on a real bench would be less, but there would be 5-6 people on the bench, which adds weight back in.
See the picture below and help an engineer over analysis paralysis :)
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2021.10.19 21:13 GrayPartyOfCanada Westboro vs. Transphobe: Westboro wins!

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2021.10.19 21:13 OneEnd8865 Bichir tank size

Could they live in a 55 gallon with African cichlids?
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2021.10.19 21:13 helpmepigeon Does anyone else feel like the character development outside of Guts, Casca, and Griffith is slim?

I got into berserk by watching the 1997, then all the other adaptations. Started browsing the subreddit and watching berserk videos on YouTube, and decided to read it. I heard none of the adaptations really live up to the original source, the manga. I was excited to see character growth and development from Judeau, pippin, Corkus, and Gaston. Was dissatisfied once I reached the eclipse, because there wasn’t much of them in the manga until the very end of the golden age arc. I had been led to believe that there would be much more of them by how highly regarded the manga is. Onto post-eclipse, I feel like Serpico’s growth as a character was stunted very early on. As opposed to Farnese, he was able to interact with the overlapping Astral realm seemingly out of nowhere, very easily. Puck and isidro are just gag characters at this point.
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2021.10.19 21:13 captainunderpants10 Mike Williams

Mike Williams was a major question mark as he failed to log a practice all week. Many were concerned if he was a decoy and/or would hurt his knee again and it seemed both happened.
Williams saw just 5 targets, catching 2 for 27 yards.
He seemed to hurt his knee further which made him leave the game. Although he returned he didn't play the 4th quarter and only played 20-58 snaps.
Are you buying/holding/selling Mike Williams?
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2021.10.19 21:13 PsychologicSeeking Am I mentally ill ? Is there anything REALLY wrong ? (This is serious)

Pleased don't ignore this.
I'm young ; 14M, I don't seriously smoke (but that's not really relevant), 5''8, and that's about it.
I have a psychiatrist and everything but we don't have stuff like DSM where I live and I never got a clear diagnosis. I absolutely hate myself- it's like I'm self hatred impersonated but not everyday. I get (usually somewhat long) periods of time where I'm feeling a certain way and then sort of little episodes of the opposite. I cut myself and am very suicidal most of the time. Right now, for example, I'm in bed. This has lasted for about four years. At first, I was really emotional and cried very easily, but now I feel sort of empty and I don't cry anymore even when I really need to. I am also very easily irritable and mad (part of why i hate myself is because I feel too mean/cynical). Can any of you give advice ? I just hate everything. I'm super self conscious and consider myself weird (but in a disgusting way, not quirky... I mean at least I realize I am and am not complete psycho.)
This is a serious question, i just don't know of it's "feeling down" or something more serious.
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2021.10.19 21:13 Siegfoult anime_irl

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2021.10.19 21:13 max_illustration This is just amazing 🤯 Stinky Rich Pepes 🐸 seling fast 🚀 Hand-drawn ✍️ Only 999 will be made and each starts at 0.005 eth (polygon)

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2021.10.19 21:13 Above_Protocol Looking to join a mid season FF league

Looking to join or takeover a team in a FF League
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2021.10.19 21:13 kpsdarlin You ever have a total shut down day, and the next day feel great?

I wanna see if this is common, my mental health peeps.
Every couple of months I wake up and I can't function. I feel like I'm in a total daze, I can't remember anything I just did, I can't safely drive because I'm generally too confused and foggy. I end up sleeping 16 hours because I can't do anything else.
Then the next day I wake up, totally refreshed and ready to go. I just did this. Yesterday I woke up but felt like I never actually woke up. I paced around the house when I could get up, ate a tiny bit of food, and generally didn't do anything until later in the day when I managed to get some dishes done.
But then, today, I woke up before my alarm and was ready to go. I went for a walk, I got my flu shot, got a bunch of cleaning done. It was like my brain did a hard reset - shut down for a day so the next day I could function with some new software update.
Does anyone else do this?
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2021.10.19 21:13 walter3smith Giratina Raid 438057387261

Inviting only 5
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