MacBook Air 2020 M1 vs MacBook Pro M1 Pro Base.

This will be especially important for M1-based MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users since you can only connect one external display. ... Compared: 2021 entry-level iPad 9 versus 2020 iPad 8. I kept my charging adapter & C-cable (which are both compatible with the M1 Late 2020 Macbook Air), so ended up with a $330 Apple Store instant credit towards the M1. The M1 model has blown me away with its speed and smooth running with a large number of apps open, including Final Cut & Logic Pro. M1 iPad Pro vs M1 MacBook Air: design. The M1 MacBook Air was unveiled in late 2020, but shares the same chassis as its predecessors going back for the last few years. Its wedge shape helps it to shed volume compared to the M1 MacBook Pro, and it's just 4mm at its thinnest point, and 16mm at its thickest. Apple MacBook Pro 13 Late 2020 M1 Entry (8 / 256 GB) Apple M1, Apple M1: Ø1066 (1062.05-1069.6) Apple MacBook Pro 13 2020 2GHz i5 10th-Gen Intel Core i5-1038NG7, Intel Core i5-1038NG7: Ø761 (725 ... The MacBook Air (2020)'s screen is nice enough, but it lacks the professional color gamuts found in the MacBook Pro and other professional laptops. If you need color accuracy for work, look elsewhere. See our full 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1, 2020) review. Today's best Apple Macbook Pro 13" (2020) deals. Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Core... Laptops Direct. £999.97. View. Amazon UK View Similar. Amazon. The M1 MacBook Pro debuted in late 2020 with the same look as its predecessor – only the internals had been changed, dropping Intel’s processors for Apple’s own M1 chip. That means a silver aluminium body and a thickness of 15.6mm. At 1.4kg, it’s fairly light for a laptop, though is certainly beaten by other options, including the iPad ... The latest MacBook Pro 13 from 2020 has something extra to consider. The $1,299 and $1,499 models now use Apple’s in-house M1 processor rather than an Intel chip. Compare features and technical specifications for the , MacBook Pro 13-in. (M1, 2020), MacBook Pro 16-in., and many more. Jan 17, 2020; Replies 11 Views 4K. Saturday at 9:22 PM. jagooch. 1. Battery issues on MacBook Pro 11,1 High Sierra. 1ncend1ary; Saturday at 3:42 AM; Replies 3 Views 281. ... MacBook Pro Mid 2014 to M1, how much better? Risco; Friday at 3:34 AM; Replies 10 Views 533. Friday at 9:46 AM. pshufd. P. Poll; 16" MBP owners planning to get 14" MBP ...

2021.10.19 19:23 tristiandotcom MacBook Air 2020 M1 vs MacBook Pro M1 Pro Base.

Okay…. So after reading nearly 3 hrs worth of info I’m still a little stucc. Im a artist and i currently use my 2015 MBP 8gb of ram for everything.. From producing inside of Logic Pro x and Ableton to Photoshop for albums covers and merch design to after effects and premiere for video and fx on static images and more I have been waiting on the be 14in M1 Pro but now that they are here the price is just something that is not a feasible thing rn as I’m having issues with my MBP keeping up ( I get a lot of spinning wheels) Can anyone help me discern what I need to do in order to get the-best option for me?
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2021.10.19 19:23 5igorsk Курс на дедолларизацию будет продолжен, несмотря на определенные издержки для бизнеса и государственных финопераций — замглавы МИД РФ Панкин в интервью Интерфаксу

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2021.10.19 19:23 Aoh03 Beginner's guide on how to invest (with a friend) in 5 steps:

Step 1: Find a friend Step 2: Each of you place $20 down. Step 3: One person puts $30 down. Step 4: That same person takes both of the $20 bills. Step 5: The other person gets the $30.
Boom. Both of you make $10.
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2021.10.19 19:23 Cursednamenr6 Lord of Infinity Darkness (created in NightCafe studio by me with key word Soul Knight)

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2021.10.19 19:23 feedimo WSU head coach Nick Rolovich fired from $3m-a-year post over vaccine refusal

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2021.10.19 19:23 Ensignae Cornell Disrespect

Getting these admissions webinar emails hits different after that R yesterday.
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2021.10.19 19:23 marzi24 First fight post-separation.

We’ve been separated for about 7 weeks now. I’m 4 months pregnant with our second child, our first lives with me, they do weekly visits.
We both started “dating” again recently. We had an open marriage, and they’re changing their gender identity, so it doesn’t feel weird to talk about dates or people. I’ve only talked to one guy, we started talking with no expectation of dating, he was really nice but we met in person and the chemistry wasn’t there, so that ended. She’s been talking to a few people, she went on a date with a girl a couple of weeks ago, and they had a second date a week ago.
We have a shared apartment, but have both left to stay with family. We both go there at random to pack out our things. You might see where this is going, lol.
Last week, two days before her second date, she randomly texted me about a “weird sex dream” she had about me, and went into detail. I wasn’t a fan, so I quickly changed the subject and moved on. The next day was her visitation day, and she’s telling me that she doesn’t think the girl is attractive, but she’s a “nice enough friend” and that neither of them are looking for anything serious. The day of their date, I called because I needed something from the apartment and didn’t want to disturb anything, I jokingly said “use protection because you don’t need 3 little bastards running around” and she laughed and everything was fine (if this is confusing, she has a penis but I’d say her hormones and other medication have made it less functional, but she’s still technically fertile).
Fast forward to Sunday, the day of my date. We texted after and I told her that he wasn’t for me, so I’m back to my OG plan if not dating or anything for probably 3 years or so. Said something nice to her about her looks, because we are on good terms and have a kid coming, and this isn’t uncommon for either of us. She then goes into detail about how my naked body is much better than this new girls naked body.. I understand that she was trying to be nice, but it was hurtful to me to hear about her getting laid while I just expressed sadness over probably not getting any intimacy for a few years. I didn’t reply until 11pm, and it was mostly being sad and saying I don’t need to hear about your sex life.
I spent 3 hours in the morning crying about all of it (my “husband” doesn’t exist anymore, the Likelihood of giving birth alone, the fact that it will be so much easier for them to move on, pregnancy hormones in general, take your pick). She called in the morning, we talked it out, she said they didn’t even have sex, they just did a bunch of foreplay stuff and she didn’t even cum, blah blah blah. I said in the future I just don’t want to hear about that stuff, like we discovered that’s my line for a boundary. I talked about my anxieties about possibly giving birth without insurance (not likely to get state since we’re filing together this year, and our divorce will probably process before the baby is due) and she said she was okay with legally being married until the baby is here if that’s what we have to do. Felt resolved.
Then, I go to the apartment to pick up a few things. 5 days have passed from her last date. She left out a half full pot of pasta (covered in mold, and the smell was overwhelmingly awful). Popcorn on the couch. Wine left in wine glasses that we had received as a wedding gift, that we didn’t even get the chance to use. Lube, massage oil (every massage I’ve asked for since giving birth has been met with grunts of displeasure or being ignored, even though I have been in pain so that hurt), 2 used condoms (no cum so she didn’t lie about that part lol oof). She cleaned and cooked for this girl she doesn’t even like, but I was always punished if I asked for help with that kind of stuff. The fact that it had been left for so long when she knows it’s a shared place that I could go to at any minute felt extremely personal.
I lost my shit a little bit. I broke the wine glasses, I left family photos on the bed for her to find later. I called when I was at the peak of rage and told her I found all her shit, called her a liar and that it was incredibly disrespectful to leave the place like this. Texted about how deeply hurtful it was, like every time I think they can’t hurt me anymore they find a new low. Cried for an hour on the floor, calmed down a bit and apologized for freaking out. She said she didn’t want to talk about it then (she was at work) which I said was fair. I waited until an hour after she was off her shift, and gave her a call. It was a very awkward, unproductive, one sided “conversation” that lasted less than 5 minutes. I tried to apologize again, but it was met with “I’m thinking of cutting you out of my life completely” (in our relationship, if there was ever an argument or disagreement, it always ended with them threatening to leave,break-up, or divorce so this isn’t too shocking to me, but in the past we were living together so they would take their time to cool off and eventually apologize).
I texted again this morning that I’d like to call them and try to apologize again, to which they replied “Then apologize. I'm turning my phone off, I'll talk to you later.”
??? As if I hadn’t apologized multiple times over the day? And they haven’t apologized once for leaving their date night stuff out for nearly a week for me to find (I’m not mad that she’s trying to move on, I’m mad at the blatant disrespect). But whatever, I swallowed my pride and just replied “I'm sorry I involved you in my breakdown, I shouldn't have.”
I don’t know when to expect a reply, I honestly don’t think they will even when they see it because they’re horrible about communication and have chosen the silent treatment over less when I was supposedly their “#1 priority”
I would gladly let them walk out of our lives, but I feel like this is a dumb hill to die on and I would be so worried about the future. We also have several events coming up this week (I have a job interview, our sons birthday, the little baby’s anatomy scan) so I’d really like to get things patched up. I honestly feel like I should just go to her place and talk it out, or call her sister who she lives with now to see what she thinks I should do? 😪 because otherwise it feels like it’s going to drag on forever.
Thank you for reading my messy vent.
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2021.10.19 19:23 YouThinkWhatIsHot This has bothered me ever since I saw episode 7...

Why doesn’t anyone walk on the beams supporting the glass? Balancing on those 4 or 5 inch beams would be better already than a 50/50 shot at death. On top of that you could straddle between one beam and another and balance wouldn’t even be an issue.
When you reach the glass panels you could even test each one with a foot and rest on the good ones. It just never made sense why no one even thought to try this in a game where almost everyone expects to die anyway.
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2021.10.19 19:23 Nectarine-Agreeable Price and Demand for BTC treated as an emerging economy of transferred global equity over time

Price and Demand for BTC treated as an emerging economy of transferred global equity over time
Treating BTC as an emerging economy, where supply and demand are the only things truly effecting it, then the transfer of that portion of the world economies wealth from all other economies over sometime would lead to a long term price discovery for bitcoin. Seeing as the demand for BTC will only grow exponentially and the has rate will only as well become exponential. Where as the supply has an asymptote to follow as an upper boundary at 21 million which means it will have a descending exponentiality to but never approach that 21 million supply, which the supply is also effected by the active supply of BTC. Now considering the price of btc over the current length of measure able time, this would explain the longer periods between halving, the volume of demand is growing over time because the supply discovery is slowing down over time too.
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2021.10.19 19:23 infrareddit-1 Supplements with Cannabis for Harm Reduction

Does anyone take anything with cannabis for harm reduction?
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2021.10.19 19:23 LightOfAntara Found this ambient trance track with a trippy AI generated music video

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2021.10.19 19:23 meXo_Dz Hello everyone, can someone please change color of those black parts in same silver color as car. I would be so grateful. Original pictures in comment.

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2021.10.19 19:23 Eklundz I’m so happy about being able to play D2 in bed, on the train or on a flight, that I got inspired and drew a thing: I call it: “Holy Fire vs Zombies” (p.s. I can’t draw for shit)

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3453 2735 7696
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2021.10.19 19:23 Fscnationst12 Accountability partners

Looking for accountability partners on my 90-day pm reboot! I’m trying to do things differently this time and really follow through. I’m 20 y/o, would prefer to keep this in the Reddit chat so I can keep it to myself.
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2021.10.19 19:23 PrestigiousShelter82 People on TikTok live getting paid to “talk to spirits”

Things like this just make me disappointed in people, then again people will always believe anything and give it no thought.
Basically I came across this tiktok livestream of a guy with a paper that says “yes, no, always, never, maybe” in a sort of hexagon shape and he had this little wooden pendulum device that would bounce around and eventually stop and point and point at one of the words. He was having people pay him on cashapp or send gifts on tiktok to literally say their question out loud, and then flick the pendulum and see where it lands. There’s so much wrong with this.
And like, if spirits were that willing to just answer questions for you why would they need to use the most asburd contraption that has the same chance of landing on every other option… why couldn’t they just move the pendulum on their own towards the answer… it’s literally so childish yet there were thousand people watching and sending him money through cashapp.
The worst part is that people were asking such personal and deep questions like “Is my son at peace in Heaven?” and the pendulum would say something like no or maybe.
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