Seriously MILF’s on a Big Dick Prowl

2021.10.19 21:39 Hoggy2099 Seriously MILF’s on a Big Dick Prowl

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2021.10.19 21:39 juicedagod [discussion] so I just discovered this sub, and wrestling ratings are a Hot topic right now. Why are there no posts on wrestling ratings?

So this is a serious question. Wrestling ratings are very hotly discussed in any place on the internet that wrestling is discussed. And this place being a hub for anything having to do with television ratings, I'm wondering why there is no discussion of pro wrestling or pro wrestling television ratings on this sub? Is it my job to start it?
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2021.10.19 21:39 TRxz-FariZKiller What’s your favorite TV show?

Same question asked in askteenboys
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2021.10.19 21:39 tyson_73 [Landlord-WA] Tenants fought and changed the locks

Tenants fought, she called the police, he's got arrested, she's got a protection order, she changed the locks without me knowing, and brought the service dog that wasn't there before (documented). She emailed today saying all this and wants the guy off the lease. Need advice: Do I let her live by herself and deal with her personal issues herself, as long as she pays rent, I'll be happy Do I try to evict her on violation of the lease (changing locks) because at this point I don't know what else to expect and afraid this is not over yet. What do I do with the guy? Do I keep him on the lease or take him off 'cause he can't live there anymore?
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2021.10.19 21:39 somedirtbagfromtown Unpopular opinion: fn five seven is weak

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2021.10.19 21:39 SkiesThaLimit36 I really wanted to post this before she deletes it.

I really wanted to post this before she deletes it. Posted by amber Marchase. Id love to hear what she has to say about Melissa. I notice she doesnt mention teresa though.
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2021.10.19 21:39 ww2_History_Fanatic A Canadian soldier writes home. Photo taken May 1917, one month after the battle of Vimy Ridge.

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2021.10.19 21:39 KaleJam Simplicity is having a sale!
Sorry if this was already posted by someone else, just want everyone to know patterns are on sale for $5 on simplicity's website!
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2021.10.19 21:39 damoder8 I remember in Gautam Gulati season earlier Praneet was doing really well, back them BB team decided to promote Gautam and suddenly they started phasing out Praneet entirely, stopped showing his footage, anchor stopped addressing him and then just eliminated him.

They do such trickery a lot.
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2021.10.19 21:39 xikattie English studies linguistics major: choose a topic for the research project

Hello everyone, this year I have to give my research project my major is linguistics and I'm so confused about what topic should I start with I'm thinking about English language development and the theories what you all think. I really need help
Thank you in advance
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2021.10.19 21:39 Tylanmon The top post about "BTC joining the NY stock exchange" is a bit misleading

No. Its not based on BTC. Its not a fully BTC ETF. Its still a futures ETF which settles its price by the amount of the orders. I know a title like that could make some people think that BTC made its way to the a wider audience, which inevitably did. But not in a way to be based on the BTC's itself.
Its a futures ETF boys... Im sorry, i really thought that it was BTC ETF too.
STILL! A massive progress considering SEC approved a Crypto related proposal for the first time! It is likely that we'll see an actual BTC ETF one day (sooner than you expected) but unfortunately, It's not today...
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2021.10.19 21:39 DICKIEE_D Enter for a chance to win a two-night stay at The Fitzroy Fieldhouse in Prince Edward County, Ontario from November 19-21 worth $1,800, or a $250 gift card to The County Picnic! {CA} No QC. (10/25/21)

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2021.10.19 21:39 CureusJournal The Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Spine Infections

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2021.10.19 21:39 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-victor-hugo-10

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2021.10.19 21:39 Badderlocks_ [OT] Talking Tuesday (Thinking): Inspiration w/Zetakh and Say_Im_Ugly

Hello all, and welcome to this month’s installation of Talking Tuesday: Thinking! That means we’re ready to move on from the nitty-gritty of scares and screams and have a discussion on how we come up with the ghosts and ghouls of your readers’ worst imaginations.
That’s right: today, we’re discussing inspiration. It’s the key element that takes your story from blank page to full novel. It’s the secret sauce that takes your writing from good to perfect. It’s that fickle mistress that every writer loves but can never seem to find at the exact moment.
So how do we find it?
Today, we’re settling down for a discussion with Say_Im_Ugly and Zetakh. Say is one of our newer writers and has been around for about half a year now, and she has become a fantastic member of our community in that short time. In fact, Say was just spotlit last week! You can find her works at Say_Im_Writing. Zetakh has also been with us for about half a year and is our local expert in all things dragon. He was also spotlit back in July, and you can find his writings at /ZetakhWritesStuff.
Without any further ado, let’s get to some questions!
Where do you find inspiration? Zetakh:

I’ve mentioned this before, but my biggest inspiration to write, and what got me into the habit regularly, was always my Dungeons and Dragons hobby. To elaborate, building the character I was going to play as up with a backstory and interpersonal relationships to affect her goals and aspirations and thus influence the way I’d play her got me imagining and writing about little snippets from her life before the adventure began. Then, as her character evolved to respond to events in the story - fighting, losing friends, horror - I found myself more and more attached to her. Thus, when the campaign wrapped, I wrote an epilogue to send her off into retirement and found I quite liked writing just for writing’s sake. Then off I went!
I still find most of my inspiration in the games, DnD campaigns, and other storytelling media I absorb, but it’s generally a passive thing that influences me as I go. Inspiration through osmosis that gets put in the ideas vault!
I like to find inspiration in the people around me and the people I get to interact with on a daily basis. My daughter is such a huge inspiration because she really loves all the high fantasy stuff. Before going to bed we sometimes tell each other stories and take turns adding on to them and making them more elaborate. It’s all so much fun. I also find inspiration in the stories posted on reddit or in the writers themselves when I get a chance to interact with them. Each one of them has unique ideas and it’s really fun to see that.
What do you do when a flash of inspiration arrives and you can’t write? Zetakh:
I probably should get a journal or something, but so far I just tell my brain to remember this stuff and get on it as soon as opportunity appears. Or, if it’s the case of a Prompt on the Sub I can’t write for at the moment - I hit the Save button and vow to make a [PI] of it!
Don’t ask me how many saved posts I’ve vowed to [PI] that lie dormant in the Saved tab.
I used to use a physical notebook and handwrite a lot of ideas or plots but now when I get a flash of inspiration like a story idea or a sentence I like, I immediately go to the notes app in my phone and jot them down real quick. Sometimes I’ll write a whole plot in there if I don’t have my computer with me. And I have a terrible memory so if I don’t get it down right away it’s lost forever haha. I’m bad about losing things too so physical notebooks and journals or scraps of paper are a big no for me.
How does inspiration affect your writing? Zetakh:
I definitely write best, and most rapidly, when that sudden flash of “Gotta write right NOW” strikes. The Day by Day Horror SEUS came about on the night of posting just before I went to bed, in just an hour or two. The most fun chapters in my serial are the ones where a fun line of dialogue or cool scene has popped into my head from nowhere and demand their inclusion.
I have definitely had to change plans when one of these inspirations has gone somewhere completely unexpected. For instance, in my Serial, a pivotal moment changed character entirely when the character interactions leading up to it derailed the moment. It just wouldn’t have worked in its intended form, given the character relationships that were at play at the moment.
Usually once I have a plot, I like to stick with it. I might make a few minor changes in my story but my characters will still have the same motivations but I might find a slightly different/better way to get them to their goal.
Also, I’m the opposite of Zetakh because I can’t just suddenly start writing when I have an idea. I have to sit and stew on it a bit. I will change things around 100 different ways but still somehow end up with my initial idea. Which just means I should probably just stick with my instincts and write the damn thing.
What do you do when you can’t find inspiration? Zetakh:
Sleep deprivation, a nice cup of tea, and a chill, wordless music list. Film and video game soundtracks are a favourite. If I struggle to get going, I write at night. I dunno why, but the few hours before and after midnight are when I do most of my writing. It just seems to shake out that way. Naturally, this causes problems if I end up writing on a work night, but that’s Zetakh In The Morning’s problem.
If I’m in the process of writing and the words just don’t come, I set that particular story aside for now and try to write for something else. See if there’s an interesting prompt floating around, check out one of the weekly features I haven’t gotten around to yet. I find just bashing my head against the wall for too long is rarely productive, so I try to refocus.
I wish I had some tricks that made it easier to get through writing blocks but I don’t. It’s ALWAYS hard. Usually, I try to take a nap or wait till the morning to write because that’s when words and ideas form better in my mind. If I start writing towards the middle of the day my ideas come very slowly. Like one sentence at a time, every ten- or twenty-minutes kind of slow so I just try to work with it. I’ll close my eyes and concentrate really hard on what I want to say. I force myself to type those words even if I’m not sure that I like them because ultimately, I can always go back and change them later.
Often if I’m having trouble with a particular scene I’ll jump to the next one. It gives me something to work off when I go back to write it. I hardly ever work in consecutive order.
What is your brainstorming process like? Zetakh:
Very scattered and disorganised, I have to admit. I mostly daydream and think about the story I’m working on, and let the brain do its thing. It helps to be doing something that doesn’t require much thought, such as cleaning, managing laundry, and the like, I find. Let the body manage itself for a bit and leave the brain to its own devices. A lot of cool ideas have also started popping up from the talks I have with the fine folks on the Discord, and some other friends, as well! Can’t point to any one particular moment, but there have definitely been points where I’ve been fishing for ideas and an offhand comment or something mentioned in passing in the chat has gotten the inspiration going. Not forgetting the moments when I’ve straight-up asked for advice, of course! Outside perspectives are often extremely helpful when you’ve hit a wall, and having someone to nudge you in the right direction is a massive help.
I usually brainstorm in one of two ways: 1) When I have no idea of what I want to write, I prefer laying or sitting down with my eyes closed in a quiet room. Distractions easily break my concentration so I do it sans music and by myself. I’ll admit I’ve fallen asleep with this method several times so often it’s not very conducive to productivity.
2) When I have an idea or a lot of ideas about what I want to write, I open up a word document and write down everything that comes to mind. It’ll be words or sentences, or whole paragraphs, detailed descriptions of settings and characters (even if I don’t use all of them, I still write them down.) Then I take all of that information and try to organize it in some coherent way that makes sense to me and begin writing my story. I’ll strike through ideas once I get to them, or if they won’t work and move on to whatever’s next.
And that’ll wrap up this week’s Thinking segment! Huge thanks to Zet and Say for sharing their thoughts this week!
In the meantime, if you need some motivation to find your inspiration, don’t forget about your Talking Tuesday Tasks! We’re in the home stretch for this month, and I know I’ve got a bit of catching up to do if I want to get at least a few points up on the almighty leaderboard. If you’re in the same boat as me, you’ve got one month to buckle down and knock out those last few tasks.
For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of discussion points. How do you find inspiration? What makes you tick as a writer and gives you all of those juicy ideas? Do you find it comes easily to you, or have you been struggling with inspiration lately? Perhaps you’ve been overcoming a bit of gasp writer’s block and have some tips or wisdom to share about it? Talk about it with your fellow writers in the comments!
Huh, look at this neat postscript.
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2021.10.19 21:39 Carrotcake789 How long does it take Teleperformance to reach out after you've applied?

Hello, I applied for a few positions on their website on Wednesday and the email said keep an eye on your email in the next 48 hours and havent received anything
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2021.10.19 21:39 Uneartharkansas Found Detecting today, any info appreciated!

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2021.10.19 21:39 MONSTAgirl567 Views on autism speaks

My personal view on autism speaks is that they promote cures. Autism is not a diseases and doesn't need to be cured. The real disease here is ignorance. I can speak for myself. Comment on your thoughts
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2021.10.19 21:39 darkNhebbymusic Got a glow in the dark zippo so I could find a lighter at night, and its so bright it's giving off a slight green glow in the daylight

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2021.10.19 21:39 Champagne_poet I'm in love with my bestfriend's mom.

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2021.10.19 21:39 Rigistroni If there's only one of a species left alive and you kill the last one have you technically committed genocide? Even if you never killed any other ones

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2021.10.19 21:39 5P00DERMAN1264 We've all had this moment before (Amazing Spider-Man #798)

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