Five Poems for 10/20/21

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2021.10.19 19:12 asearchforyou Five Poems for 10/20/21

The American Spirit
I am the American Spirit.
A magic bullet from a grassy knoll might end me
in a controversial second,
but I will only reemerge
stronger than ever
in the faces and voices of a thousand new poets
and writers
and daredevils
who will look and sound
nothing like me.

I am Ralph Waldo Ellison.
I am Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I am Sarah Palin.
I am Angela Davis.
I am Che Guevara.
I am Javy Baez.
and yes,

I am the insufferable asshole
who owns the Washington Post.

A Fountain at the Crossroads
We all know
that the World needs America
to heal its wounds
and regain its rugged, maverick, indescribably
unique and slightly insufferable
hemispheric identity.

We are that radical feminist in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform.
We are your typical Mexican soccer fan
trolling FIFA
with an edgy free kick group chant.
We are Lucky Luciano. We are Jeremy Lin.
We are Lewis Hamilton with a stock car full of bootleg whiskey
leaving jealous Earnharts
in the Tulsa dust.

Yes. I am America. She is America.
And together, we are August Wilson,
Anna Heinz, Andy Warhol and Wayne
Simmonds playing for the Flyers
and the Penguins
Team Canada.

You might love to hate us, World, but be honest,
you can't stop the next Johanna Söderberg
or Mick Jagger
when they want to come to our hemisphere
and drink up
the unbridled spirit
of Bright Eyes, Lead Belly,
or the artist formerly known as Prince.

And Jesus Said
I did not come for the experts
for they already claim
to know the truth.
I came for the sick, the lost, the despised, and the broken.
I came for the ones who spread misinformation
were removed from Reddit.

The New ACLU
Don't look now,
but the American Civil Liberties Union
doesn't give a fuck
about civil liberties.

When the new leftwing says jump,
they jump.
And anyone caught
with their feet still on the ground
is beneath the ACLU's consideration.

The Letitia Wright, Jon Gruden, Dave Chappelle, Monica Lewinski, Kyrie Irving, Martin Luther, Maud Maron, Sage Steele, Larry Elder, JK Rowling, and Many, Many Others Project
When honest, successful, vibrant personalities get targeted
suddenly and publically
for a joke,
an unorthodox political stance,
a semen stained dress,
or something of poor taste said years ago to a friend in private,
studies have shown that these scarlet letters
are 40% less likely to be erased
if they have at least one supportive person
in their workplace.

As Monica said, "I was seen by many, but known by few."
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2021.10.19 19:12 thrownnear Matching Portrait Mods

Does anyone have a portrait mod that matches portraits from vanilla, SVE and Ridgeside Village? I'm not a big fan of the way Ridgeside does their portraits specially. I've seen BBBoong's Ridgeside portraits that look very nice, but there's no matching counterparts for the other mods.
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2021.10.19 19:12 chiarajc vinyl damaged because of transport

hello guys! I recently bought a vinyl on vinted and unfortunately the record was damaged. the record itself is bent and there is a crease in the cover, what do you think I should do? contact the seller and ask for a (partial) refund as they didn't pack it well enough?
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2021.10.19 19:12 mezium1887 Bone Tissue Engineering

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2021.10.19 19:12 bidoville Citadel Statue Kickstarter is live

Haven’t seen much discussion on the sub about this, but wanted to make sure folks know about this awesome opportunity to own an ME licensed statue of the Citadel. 3000 backers are needed (backed mine today!).
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2021.10.19 19:12 Marss_Video_bot Chippy uploaded: THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD USING SORA!

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2021.10.19 19:12 nyc_2004 Hi guys I was taking pictures of this Cessna and stuff fell off of it. What is going on?

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2021.10.19 19:12 Floor-Proof Gualtieri sindaco, ecco tutti i nomi della nuova assemblea capitolina

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2021.10.19 19:12 growingupold Accidentally ghosted someone?

Ok so I (26F) had this old coworker (24F) who was nice enough but if we didn't work together I probably wouldn't be her friend. Nothing personal, but we don't really share a lot of interests and I think she's a bit immature and kinda clingy.
Flash forward, we haven't worked together in 1 yr and have grabbed the occasional coffee since before I moved out of the country 5 months ago. Since then, she's been messaging 1-2x a week asking to facetime. I did a couple times the first monthish I was here, which I think is a lot for someone you're not close to and then we'd barely be off the call when she's asking to talk again asap. I told her I was really busy which was true, and that I'd reach out when I had more time/energy. She just kept messaging every few days to ask if I was free yet so eventually we had a confrontation where I pretty much said she needed to back off because I wasn't able to provide her with the type of friendship she was looking for. She basically said that she just really values our friendship and that she only wants to talk to me for a little while and that it's no big deal but apologized for crowding me and said I could reach out when I was ready and I told her to give me a month.
Anyways, i did mean to reach out but just realized it's been 2 and a half months since that conversation... I feel bad for ghosting, bc I genuinely didn't intend to, but I honestly haven't thought about her once which is why I didn't realize so much time had passed.
People who've been ghosted, what would you prefer to happen in this situation? Is it more hurtful to leave things be, or to reach out out say sorry pal but im just not that into you?
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2021.10.19 19:12 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $6.99 Desktop Whiteboard for Children Office Home School

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2021.10.19 19:12 Bambi750 Feeling like low budget bitch

I was too afraid to tell summertime boyfriend about my hpv16/18. Is there any possibility that he doesn’t get it? Judge me if u want ehh :(
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2021.10.19 19:12 Ada652 4Runner

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2021.10.19 19:12 ZjaranyJP Get $50 in BTC per 1h for Free without own contribution
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2021.10.19 19:12 Seence Study of the supernova remnant N63A, acrylic painting

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2021.10.19 19:12 Crazy_Equipment4049 Oracle Sisters - Take the Lead (Live with the Elmire Quartet)

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2021.10.19 19:12 HockeyMod Game Thread: San Jose Sharks (1-0-0) at Montreal Canadiens (0-3-0) - 19 Oct 2021 - 04:00PM PDT

San Jose Sharks (1-0-0) at Montreal Canadiens (0-3-0) Centre Bell Thread Notes: Posting and User Conduct Guidelines
Visitors Guide
2021-22 Regular Season Ticket Exchange
/SanJoseSharks Discord

04:00PM 05:00PM 06:00PM 07:00PM 08:00PM
Listen SJS - MTL
Other-Away Preview - Boxscore - Recap
Other-Home Preview - Boxscore - Recap
GameCenter On
Season Series
Date Away Home Time Network/Result
19 Oct 2021 07:00PM EDT NBCSCA
28 Oct 2021 07:30PM PDT NBCSCA
Projected Lineups
Left Center Right Left Center Right
Tyler Toffoli Nick Suzuki Cole Caufield Jonathan Dahlen Logan Couture Timo Meier
Jonathan Drouin Christian Dvorak Josh Anderson William Eklund Tomas Hertl Rudolfs Balcers
Mike Hoffman Adam Brooks Brendan Gallagher Matthew Nieto Nick Bonino Kevin Labanc
Artturi Lehkonen Cedric Paquette Joel Armia Andrew Cogliano Jasper Weatherby Lane Pederson
Left D Right D Left D Right D
Alexander Romanov Jeff Petry Mario Ferraro Brent Burns
Ben Chiarot David Savard Marc-Edouard Vlasic Erik Karlsson
Brett Kulak Chris Wideman Radim Simek Jacob Middleton
Goalies Goalies
Jake Allen Adin Hill
Samuel Montembeault James Reimer
Player Injury Date Status
Jake Evans Undisclosed 18 Oct 2021 Day-to-Day
Sami Niku Concussion 01 Oct 2021 Day-to-Day
Mike Hoffman Lower body 23 Sep 2021 Day-to-Day
Joel Edmundson Undisclosed 23 Sep 2021 Week-to-Week
Paul Byron Hip 30 Jul 2021 Indefinitely
Carey Price Personal 23 Jul 2021 Indefinitely
Shea Weber Foot 14 Jul 2021 Indefinitely
-- -- -- -- --
Evander Kane - 18 Oct 2021 Eligible to return Nov. 30
Nikolai Knyzhov Lower body 10 Oct 2021 Mid-December
Jeffrey Viel Finger 06 Oct 2021 Indefinitely
Team Stats
Canadiens 3 0 3 0 0 0.0 1.0 3.33333 0.0 61.5 31.66666 30.0 49.4
Sharks 1 1 0 0 2 100. 4.0 3.0 40.0 100. 31.0 23.0 58.8
Team Leaders
Stat Player Value Player Value
G Jonathan Drouin 2 Jasper Weatherby 1
A Brett Kulak 2 Jasper Weatherby 1
P Jonathan Drouin 2 Jasper Weatherby 2
+/- Chris Wideman 2 Andrew Cogliano 1
PIM Chris Wideman 6 Jacob Middleton 5
TOI Jeff Petry 24:17 Brent Burns 27:26
Goalie Breakdown
Jake Allen 2 2 0 2 0 0 2.04 0.92452
Sam Montembeault 1 1 0 1 0 0 5.0 0.86111
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Adin Hill 1 1 1 0 0 0 3.0 0.86956
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2021.10.19 19:12 jhwy6 Tread delivery timeframe

I’m curious on everybody’s tread delivery timeframe? Right now the website says 1-3 weeks but I’m wondering if that’s actually accurate. Could you tell me your delivery window with actually deliver plus what state you’re in?
I’m excited for mine but wondering if I need to lessen up on my expectation for that 1-3 week delivery and keep my OTF membership for one more month…
Thanks all
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2021.10.19 19:12 NOOBSIDBOT2510 ur fare is 500 treamtos

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2021.10.19 19:12 CaptainPunsworth Things you don't want to hear from your digital assistant

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2021.10.19 19:12 xavierwss Looking for a nyc ticket, will ONLY meet up and buy in NYC

Hit me up here or
ig: xavierwws snap: xavierwss
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2021.10.19 19:12 m_511_sherridan why a floating piece of wood with two cannon is more expensive than a submarine?

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2021.10.19 19:12 02321 Monster I Carried Out Of The Woods.

I found a monster in the woods.
Every year I spend a week in the woods alone. I cannot stand being inside my empty house on the anniversary of when I lost everything important in my life. The walls close in on me, and I feel suffocated. So, I go to the woods. I sleep, drink, and try to shoot at least one deer. On the second day of my trip, I was walking through the forest in damp weather feeling miserable when I came across it. A creature hanging by its foot from a tree.
I panicked when I first saw the figure strung up in the tree and rushed forward hoping if it was a person I could still help. As I got closer, I saw that even though its body was similar to a human, all the proportions looked... wrong. The legs far too long and skinny. The stomach sunken in, rib cage visible making it seem like it had no muscle mass or fat. I stopped below the creature, staring up at in in disbelief of what I was seeing.
One foot was stuck inside a bear trap that was attached to a chain, hooked over a branch. Its entire body was hanging from a torn and bloody ankle snared inside the trap. Wrists tied together and arms so long they nearly reached the ground as they dangled pass it’s head. The creature’s face was covered by a blank wooden oval with moss spilling out from it. At first, I was certain it was dead. As I got closer, I saw the chest rise weakly as if let out small wheezing breathes from under the mask.
Even without seeing what was under the mask, I knew this thing wasn’t human. The woods had a bad reputation of people going missing. Most didn’t like camping overnight inside the forest any more. It was a good place to fish and hunt but not to stay the night. I had my hunting rifle with me. I could put it out of its misery. Or just left it alone. Someone put this thing here. They might be back for it. Misty rain came down and I could see puff of my breath in the terrible weather. My feet cold and fingers stiff. It would get dark in a few hours. I should go back to my camp and get dry or else I would get sick. Or leave this damned forest before any more of these creatures came for me. Instead, I did something only an insane person would.
I placed my gear on the ground to climb the tree to get the creature down.
It was the middle of the night when the creature stirred. I’d treated the wounds the best I could. Getting the bear trap off without cutting my hand took almost an hour to do. Dragging the lanky thing back to camp worn me out and I still needed to dry the creature off and wrap up its wounds. The damn thing better appreciate what I did for it. While I waited for it to wake up, I sat by the fire, sitting under a tarp to keep dry. I let the monster I’d dragged back use my tent keeping the flap open so I could keep an eye on it. I was dead tired but didn’t want to fall asleep with whatever the thing was close by to eat me in my sleep. Its limbs were so long I had to fold them to make sure it fit inside my small tent. At some point in the middle of the night I heard movement in my tent. Slowly a hand came out, long fingers testing the damp ground.
I couldn’t see the things expression because of the mask and moss covering its entire head. Even while it slept, I didn’t dare look what it really looked like. I remained still, wrapped up in my spare blanket. If it attacked, I could shoot it but I didn’t even reach for my rifle. Half of the creature's body came out of the tent, body freezing up when it sensed me nearby. The next few seconds were tense. Neither of us moved waiting for the other to act first. I’d hoped this would be a treat and release process. That when this creature woke up, it would just go back off into the woods. I was not so lucky,
It made the choice to attack the easy target. Darting forward it cleared the distance between us quickly. I was knocked over, thing bony hands pinning me down to the ground. The mask flipped up so fast I never saw what was underneath. Sharp teeth grabbed a hold of my jacket and started to shake it, tearing the fabric, but not reaching my skin. The attack didn’t last very long. I was fully ready to accept my death in that moment. After all, I had nothing waiting for me outside of that forest. If I could become food, at least my death would mean something. But this creature didn’t even give me that.
It stopped, releasing my coat and stagger back. Collapsing on its side, it let out ragged wheezing breathes. It used up all it’s strength in that thin body. I watched it, wondering what to do next. I grabbed a blanket from my tent, trying to wrap it up to keep the creature warm. It weakly pushed my hands away, sharp claws catching my coat but not tearing it. Wrapping the thing very much like a burrito I went about getting it back inside the tent. I couldn’t see the creature's expression, but I could sense how annoyed my new campmate was being manhandled and wrapped up. Until it regained some strength, it would need to accept some help.
I went back outside, wrapped myself in my own blanket again and stared back into the weak fire. I planned on staying up all night but I drifted between sleep until dawn came. Out in the trees I heard sounds. As if someone was walking around in the dark just beyond my camp. Fear fluttered in my stomach. I was out in the open, exhausted from the cold weather. I didn’t mind death. But I was still afraid of whatever was stalking around in the night.
When morning arrived, I looked around the camp to find someone, or something had in fact been circling my camp. Muddy tracks and broken twigs gave me enough evidence of being watched. I wondered if it was more of those creatures waiting to grab the injured on inside the tent. At least I lived through one night so far.
My new guest was out of the tent when I got back to camp. It wrapped in a blanket glaring at me from under the mask. I could feel the eyes on me, even if I couldn’t see them. I needed to think of what to do next. I could just pack up and leave. I doubted these things would follow me into the city. It still wasn’t healed up and wouldn’t be able to protect itself if whoever hung it up came back. Trying to get the creature to eat, it had no interest in the hotdogs and marshmallows I brought. It was a little surreal seeing a lanky creature like it in the dim grey morning light. This thing wasn’t human and yet I was helping it for reasons I didn’t know.
Aside from people, this thing might eat other meat. If I could shoot some game maybe a good meal would help it gain some strength back. And maybe for all my trouble I would be eaten in the end. Only time would tell how thankful this thing would be for all the help.
I didn’t want to go off into the forest hunting alone. If another person came across my camp, I didn’t want them to come across my monster. One of them would end up dead if that happened. I paced trying to think of what to do. As if it could sense my train of thought, the lanky creature bundled the blanket, putting it inside the tent to stay dry. Then, it climbed up my back, lanky limbs wrapping around me. My skin crawled and stood, back bent trying to support the sudden weight change. I waited for the attacked that never came. We just awkwardly stood there waiting on each other to do something. I could go hunting if I carried the creature on my back. It would take longer than normal, but could be done.
Picking up my rifle and small pack I started off into the trees, still really creeped out by the thing that I decided to help. At least it wasn’t trying to eat me.
I really needed to call the creature on my back something. Naming things was difficult. I went through at least a hundred while sneaking through the woods, trying to pick up on any game tracks. I didn’t know what it was beside not human. Skinwalker, and Wendigo just didn’t suit what it was from what I’ve heard about them. No legends or cryptid name felt right. Soon I found myself not caring if I had the name of its species. I doubted humans even came across them often enough to give it a name.
I was startled out of my thoughts when I came right up on a deer. A decent sized buck that should have run before I even got this close. Holding my breath, I froze, hand on my rifle. Careful to make as little noise as possible, I raised my weapon to get my shot lined up. For a moment I wondered what I was doing was even right. This thing I was taking care of could be evil. The missing person cases was a hint towards that. Then again, it might just be a part of nature. Killing a deer to feed the creature wouldn’t be wrong if this is what happened in the woods without me interfering.
I shot twice for good measure. The buck fell with a grunt of surprise. The thing on my back dropped to the ground moving like liquid. It sulked towards the fallen creature, masked face darting around as if it expected something was going to swoop in and take its food.
While watching it eat, I decided on a name in the worst way possible. I’ve seen videos of what a fox sound like. Those nightmare screeches and sounds were the same kind this creature made while it tore into the deer and ate. Because it’s back was turned to me, I never saw its face. Just the fact the mask was lifted so it could bite and tear off chunks of flesh. Fox felt like a suitable name for the monster I’d taken in.
“Fox...” I said mostly to myself trying the name out.
The creature slightly turned at my voice letting me see a human looking mouth, but filled with bloody sharp teeth. I think he liked the name.
Fox ate through the entire deer with insane speed. Even after devouring through pounds of meat, he was still skinny enough for me to see his rib cage. It was a mystery where he put it all. Gathering up the larger bones he followed behind me back to the camp. At least he could walk now, although limping and trailing behind. He crawling mostly on all fours even though he was holding bones in his hands. I led him to the river first so he could get cleaned up in the cold water and I refilled some of my bottles to boil later. When we arrived back at camp Fox gnawed on a rib while reluctantly letting me look at his injured ankle. It healed so much I knew he would be fine by tonight or tomorrow.
Watching him chew though his bone stash I wondered yet again what I was doing. Not only did I not leave him to die, I’d named him. There was something seriously wrong with me if I could get attached to a creature like this.
“You can eat me you know.” I told him not knowing if he knew what I was saying.
Fox looked over at my voice but didn’t pause in his gnawing. Bone under his moss blanket covering his face. Strangely enough I wasn’t scared of him. I’d already accepted my death for a while now. If he wanted to eat me next, I would almost welcome it. The rest of the day I let him wonder around camp and I kept the fire going and took a few short naps to catch up on sleep.
When night fell, the fear of death finally came to me. I was inside the tent while Fox stayed beside the fire. I’d heard noises from outside and carefully crawled out from my sleeping bag to try and see the source. It sounded like a few people walking just outside where the firelight could reach. Fox tensed up looking ready to attack if needed. I found my rifle taking it into my hand as silently as I could. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could faintly see forms similar to Fox moving around in the trees. There was more of whatever he was in this forest.
I stood waiting for them to make a move, rifle pointing downward. I didn’t want to shoot one if they only showed up to pick up a missing member of their pack. One was brave enough to poke its head into the light. It was low to the ground, lanky elbows pointing up. It also had a blank wooden mask but it had a mane of tangles branches covering the upper half of its body. For a second, I thought I spotted glowing eyes inside that heap of woods staring daggers at me.
“Well, go on...” I whispered to Fox trying to encourage him to go and rejoin his group.
Almost like cats, they got closer to each other on all fours, backs arched studying and doing a half circle around each other. Other creatures appeared watching the exchange. Each having a mask of wood with some sort of pile of forest debris covering their faces. Some stood on two legs making them almost eight feet tall, other on all four ready to swiftly run forward if startled.
It looked like it was going well. Fox got closer to the other creature and reached a clawed hand over as a gesture I didn’t understand. In a blink of an eye, they both flew into a flurry of motion. Horrible hissing and garbling cries came from the tangled pair thrashing trying to kill each other. My heart sank and a pit of black fear opened up my stomach. Fox healed up a bit since he was with me but he wasn’t strong enough to fight off the new comer let along all the ones in the woods watching. I accepted I would die, but I was not able to let Fox die with me.
I lifted my rifle and aimed it away from the fight. I fired it off into the woods, aiming at nothing, I hoped the sound would make them stop and it worked. The one creature stopped to look around for the sound. Fox kicked the other aside and scrambled to me as I ran over and stood between him and the other pale form. The new comer was covered in scratches dripping in blood. Fox looked worst. His arm broken and countless cuts on his thin body from the brief fight. Getting between them I received a fast long cut to my arm but it was nothing compared to what Fox went through. I pointed the rifle towards the monster on all fours, ready to fire if needed.
It stared at me from behind that faceless mask. The other creatures didn’t move. I heard Fox shuffling around behind me but I didn’t turn to see what he was doing. When the other creature turned it’s head away from me to watch Fox, I finally did the same. He’d taken off the faceless wooden mask from his hood of moss and tossed it into the fire in front of all of us. The wood gave off a high-pitched shrieking sound as if it was an animal dying. Black flames shot up spewing into the sky for a few seconds until the noise died down. The mask was burned up completely. Fox sat next to the fire, nursing his bad arm.
Slowly the creatures around us started to leave one by one until the one that attacked Fox remained. It sat, blood dripping from it’s wounds. Finally, it too, turned and left us. My arm bleeding and rifle feeling heavy. Dropping my weapon, I collapsed to my knees. Caring about someone else was beyond stressful. White hot pain started to come through my body from my cut. I found my arm was too heavy to move to see how deep the wound was. Trying to stand my legs suddenly refused to work. Not knowing why, I fainted into a deep sleep I didn’t awake from until it was morning.
When I opened my eyes, I was inside my tent on my side. My arm out front of me so I could see the wound was stuffed with moss. I felt hot and too weak to move, or do anything at all. I couldn't even move my fingers. Pain came in waves as I tried to ignore it. Focusing on anything but the throbbing in my arm I listened to the pattering or rain outside. The light was grey and impossible to tell what time it was. The tent flap open letting cool air and misty rain come inside the tent. Fox must have been the one to put me in here but he didn’t know how zippers worked. My energy fading, I fell asleep again.
The next few days I knew I was dying. Whatever got into my cut was nasty. That creature easily being able to kill with one strike of it’s claws. I slept most of the time far too weak and feverish to move. Fox would keep me hydrated by lifting my head to let me drink from my steel water bottle I brought along. But the water tasted muddy. He was getting it from the river, not knowing to boil it. His efforts might just kill me faster.
In my fever dreams I was tormented by the truth that haunted my every waking hour. The reason why I wanted death so badly even though I was too much of a coward to do it myself. I wasn’t there to hear the car accident but was still plagued by the sounds. My mind repeated the sound of the officer knocking on my door at four in the morning to awkwardly tell me the news. His first time saying such tragic words to another person. And I knew it was all my fault.
Five years ago, I cheated on my wife. A one night fling I did not have a good reason aside from I just felt like it. I told her knowing I would be unable to hide it. She very understandably got upset and left the house to her brothers place four blocks away. They both drank and insulted me. Something I rightfully deserved. To this day, I don’t know why they decided to drive back home that night. She was too drunk to drive but her brother thought he was fine. It was only four blocks away from our home and yet they got into a three-car pileup from people leaving the bar for the night. Everyone in my wife’s car died that night. Everyone else in the other cars were lucky enough to receive injuries they could recover from.
Three people died. My wife, her brother and our daughter in the backseat of the car. I went to sleep when she left and wasn’t even aware she took our daughter to her brothers place with her.
All because I made one decision to go home with a woman, I thought was attractive. A whim killed three people. I needed to live with that fact for the rest of my life.
Delirious from the fever, I could barely keep my eyes open. I saw Fox sitting next to me, his form blurry in my weak state. I couldn’t handle falling back asleep and hearing my daughter was gone again.
“Please... Kill me.” I begged him in a voice barely above a whisper.
He didn’t react for a long time. The longer I looked, the more I noticed he was slightly different. More human. His proportions not as lanky as before. He leaned in and I saw instead of the moss covering his face he replaced it with torn up fabric that was once my clothing. He didn’t keep it together with glue or thread. My tired brain wondered how the heaps of cloth stayed on his head. Reaching over he took my arm, now red and infected from the cut. It caused a jolt of pain that almost knocked me out again to rattle my bones.
Lifting my hand to his covered face, Fox lifted some of the rags to reveal a mouth of sharp teeth. Without any hesitation he took my pinkie finger off in one bite. I let out a soft scream, struggling to stay awake. Letting my hand drop, his long fingers came into view moving directly to my throat.
Darkness over took me. I died. Fox choked the life out of me. Then, he gave some back. It something beyond anything I could ever understand of how it happened. And I don’t think I ever need to fully understand it.
I woke up, scar on my arm, feeling better than I had in years. Aside from being stiff, my illness left me. I was still inside my tent, rain softly hitting against the outside. Looking to my side a bundle of blankets was taking up most of the space. Peeking under them, Fox was curled up. He moved from his nest being disturbed but didn’t wake up. I left him alone, climbing out of the tent trying to get the kinks out of my back. It was still damp but I was glad to be in the cool air outside.
A few minutes passed after I came out and I took stock of everything. My pinkie was still gone but wound healed along with the cut on my arm. Aside from my clothing being torn apart by Fox, nothing else touched the camp while I was out of commission. I was wondering what I should do when crunching of twigs drew my attention.
A pair of men stood wearing raincoats over wet gear. Both with rifles over their shoulders unable to keep them dry. I thought I saw some chain poking out from one of their over packed bags. Each seemed as if they were camping for a long time and worn down to the bone.
“Can I help you with anything?” I asked the pair, voice cracking from a dry throat.
I knew who they were. Without a doubt they trapped Fox and left him hung up in a tree to die. I wondered if I was going to run into the people who did such a thing and still didn’t know how to react when it happened.
“Have you seen anything strange at night...?” One asked slowly while looking over my camp.
I felt my hands start to shake and forced myself to keep them steady.
“Nope. Nothing. Terrible weather, don’t you think? I’m going to pack up and leave today...”
I hoped I sounded casual enough. Glancing over I saw Fox sitting up in the tent moving around in the blanket pile silently. From the angle only I was the one who could see him. The two men looked at each other as if trying to decide something. If Fox saw them, would he kill them? Would I let him after what they did? If we let them go back into the forest these two would kill more of those creatures. I was sure of that. Whatever was in the woods they hunted them down. And I found that I didn’t care.
I didn’t save Fox because of what he is. I saved him to give myself a reason to keep going. He was special because I’d named him and made him special. They hurt him before he became that. If they left, I wouldn’t go after them. But if they dared trying to harm Fox now, I wouldn’t hesitate in killing them.
Either they were too tired to deal with me, or I looked natural enough for them to believe my lie.
“Alright, take care of yourself.” the older one said with a small wave of his hand.
I watched as they left, still holding my breath. Fox poked out his head covered in rags directed towards the men who was already gone. Still not too late to go after them. Fox gave them no notice.
“Do you want to go home?” I asked him not even sure if he could understand me.
When I left the woods, I took something with me. A creature that almost looks human now. I sold my house and bought a very small cabin by the lake. I figured it would be better suited for Fox being around woods. He's never spoken to me and I’ve never seen what face he hides. There is still so much I don’t know about the monster I carried out of those woods. The only thing I do know about him, is he’s now my reason to keep living. I never needed a good one, I just needed something.
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2021.10.19 19:12 c71clark IS there is no actual benefit to running Daedalus, why does it exist?

If a 'lite' wallet allows you to do the same thing, why bother with downloading the entire blockchain and dealing with a persistent 10-30% cpu burden (burning more electricity) on your PC while the wallet is active?
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