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Did Hitchens comment on the cowardice or unintelligence of religious individuals?

2022.01.19 01:14 faithinstrangers92 Did Hitchens comment on the cowardice or unintelligence of religious individuals?

Rant preaching to the choir (lol):
You often hear the argument 'oh but they were born and raised in a religious household, sent to a religious school, in a religious community - of course they're going to grow up to be devoutly religious! You would too!'
Well, so was my grandfather; growing up in the 40's he was sent to a school that was run like a goddamn seminary, beaten by the Christian brothers if he forgot the words to some pathetic psalm, he had a cloistered life with puritanical parents who only allowed him to socialise with other devout Christian families - however he tells me that from as early on as he can remember he saw through the bullshit, it was just obviously manmade, and he's been an atheist all his life.
I was also sent to a religious school and made to take catechism classes (my parents aren't all that religious but a lot of the other kids were doing it so go with the flock right) and I can't ever recall entertaining the idea that any of it was even remotely true.
Then you look at the famous iconoclasts through history who risked or were imprisoned or tortured to death for holding their scandalous views with which not even their closest acquaintances would accept.
I've honestly come to feel that piety represents either fear and cowardice or an inability to think critically in an existential sense, the 'they don't know any better' argument just doesn't hold up, at least not in the 21st century.
I struggle to accept the intelligence of religious folks; that's great you're an effective CEO, you created a revolutionary product, optimized productivity, diagnosed a software error or whatever at work etc but if you can't apply such critical thought to your entire belief system and worldview, I can't accept you as being an intelligent individual overall. How can you scrutinize evidence in one context but mindlessly accept absurdities in a far more significant one?
Cowardice - if people are indeed questioning their faith but would rather bury their heads in the sand than face the brutal realities of existence - and in doing so exacerbate the suffering rather than attenuate it through social and scientific progress - whilst others choose to confront reality head-on... that to me is just cowardice plain and simple.
I understand most religious folks aren't literalists and do question their faith more than they let on and/or enjoy the social benefits of the church community, so I'm referring to the more devout flock.
Did Hitchens ever make a point of highlighting the cowardice or unintelligence of modern religious folks?
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2022.01.19 01:14 fille_de_brouillard Mattie talking about her “friend” smhhh 😭😭😭

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2022.01.19 01:14 Square_Confusion2966 What if you were one

Came across this and am wondering on your thoughts. What if one of the people that sees this page is a serial killer
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2022.01.19 01:14 dan102938hg Is the game worth trying

I've been looking into this game may be looking to buy it. Can you guys give me your honest opinions about the game in regards to the grind, economy, community, etc
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2022.01.19 01:14 Yowzerz30 Financial ruin

Imagine being fucking 21 and 3 k in medical debt 20 k to fix ur rotting teeth from a eating disorder, 1 k for cops forcing me in a ambulance where they sent me home an hour from arrival, another 1k from being financially abused by family, who also are making me pay 500 dollars ontop of rent ( not an apartment) to my sister so she can get a car and I can escape.... it's great truly...truly...
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2022.01.19 01:14 Joacox66 「Aries」

STAND USER: David Rockefeller
NAME ORIGIN: Aries, astrology. John D. Rockefeller, business magnate.
STAND TIPE: Long range, Natural non-humanoid stand, Stand with multiple abilities.
APPEARANCE: 「Aries」 looks like a 3 meter long light green snake with 6 arms covered in scales. It has a chicken head with dark green feathers.
ABILITY: 「Gemstone heat absorption」: 「Aries」 can set a timer on a gemstone and while that timer is on it will absorb the heat of anything in direct contact with it, taking approximately 1 second per quarter square meter before absorbing all the absorbable heat. It can’t, however, make something colder than the temperature of the surrounding air. If there is no air, there is no limit.
「Gemstone heat explosion」: 「Aries」 when the gemstone touches some non-metal solid object with less temperature than itself, it will expel all the heat. This can be sudden or calm, depending on what 「Aries」 decided while setting the original timer.
STATS: Destructive power: Special, it varies so much that I couldn’t decide.
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: D
Precision: E
Development potential: E
USER PERSONALITY: David is a confident and skeptical man, distant to everyone and trusts on very little people. When he sees someone or something he doesn’t like, he loses his mind and wants to eliminate it.
STORY: David came from a wealthy family, where he always saw his parents getting various luxuries, but getting almost nothing because “he didn’t work for it”. This forced him to strive to unhealthy levels since child. With that mindset, he validated effort more than nothing and despising laziness. When he ended university, he got a part of the fortune of his family, and started investing in his own mining corporation, that thanks to finding an undiscovered diamond mine had a surprisingly good start. After some years, he diversified into exploiting other geological resources, but one think remained inside of him, his hatred towards “laziness”…
Anyone that got luxuries from born and didn’t put effort to “be worth of the fortune”, or anyone that steals was considered the lowest a human could be to him. Wanting to end that type of people, thinking about how to use their greed, a mysterious man offered him an “unimaginable power” in exchange for money to his foundation. Skeptical, he challenged the man to give him that power, to then get shoot in the head. He awakened some minutes later, seeing his stand with one of his rings, to then vanish in the air. The man then offered to David a “special training” to learn to control his new power. After learning that, he started going to dangerous places just to get robbed, and dropping metallic wallets with gemstones inside to painfully kill the robbers.
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2022.01.19 01:14 Bitter-Eye5191 HSV 1 Asymptomatic can become symptomatic ?

Hi ! I’ve been tested HSV1-Positive a while back. I’m Asymptomatic so idk if it’s oral or genital ( any way to know ? )
My partner recently got diagnosed with GHSV1.
I might’ve transmitted it to him ( not sure tho he saw someone else that was positive too but i don’t know if it’s for type 1 or 2 )
Can we still have sex unprotected ? Can I become symptomatic if he infects the other part that I’m not infected ? Exemple if I have oral HSV1, can he give me GHSV1 ? Also if that happens, will I be symptomatic in the genital area? Since I’m Asymptomatic right now…
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2022.01.19 01:14 icydata Monahan tips in a PPG

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2022.01.19 01:14 irenejellybean908 Boost for boost?

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2022.01.19 01:14 Matthill87 Gnome anvil

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2022.01.19 01:14 Colorado_Car-Guy Kinda upset that's there's no "Rare" option but the competitor does.

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2022.01.19 01:14 Liljizz444

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2022.01.19 01:14 josephthedreamer69 I feel extremely overwhelmed at my new job

Just started as a devops engineer late December last year, I don't have a strong background in programming as I come from tech support and QA testing role. Now I'm part of a devops team as a tester.
Yesterday, my colleagues had an overview about how we work and stacks we're using...or I'm gonna use in few weeks. They introduced selenium python, git and API, also showed me what they are working on - to automate JIRA request via python and API.
I was like..."Damn..did I made a mistake applying here? Should I stay instead in my previous company? 👁👄👁 "
But the reason I applied here is to learn about those things that I'm now afraid of haha! Also, I want to elevate my skills so yeah..there's no going back.
I like this job, but it overwhelmed me as I haven't worked with these stacks before😭. My Manager is aware of this and I'm thankful that he is supportive of me.
How to overcome this feeling? I feel small at times. Hays. Thanks a bunch 😭
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2022.01.19 01:14 _MrBalls_ There are three main objectives of civilization

That is to facilitate naps, snacks, and sex.
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2022.01.19 01:14 mansionplace UHD Video: a shaggy place to chill and explore (pytti, 4K60)

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2022.01.19 01:14 Avocado_Super Modded gameboy keeps freezing

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2022.01.19 01:14 Ok-Salamander4406 Size 14 find for the brothers

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2022.01.19 01:14 Lavender103 What is this skin bump on my piercing?? It’s literally coming from inside the hole. It’s like a piece of skin hanging outside of it 1 month old belly piercing

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2022.01.19 01:14 Mudboy406 RANKING ALL 30 MLB LOGO'S [TIER LIST]

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2022.01.19 01:14 Hot_Abbreviations468 #005 moon glow in Spanish moss

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2022.01.19 01:14 kimbot1117 Nice farms bois, here's mine (and a group of fellow serfs)

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2022.01.19 01:13 BlondeBoyFoot I love this necklace from one of my boys. Check out my wishlist and try to outdo him😉

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2022.01.19 01:13 sloggerface Still in Prison

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2022.01.19 01:13 victoraffect1 Alguém me ajuda :(

faz 1 ano e 6 meses que tô sentindo sintomas constantes de desrealização/despersonalização. Eles são 24 horas por dia, mas como eu já me acostumei com isso, posso ignorar e viver ''''''''normalmente'''''''' (entre muitas aspas pois é impossível isso não te afetar em algum grau).
Hoje acordei às 9:30, coisa que eu nunca fiz (devido ao calor de 35° graus às 9 horas da manhã, valeu SC ). Sempre acordei às 13:00, forçado pra tomar um remédio controlado pra tratar uma outra condição que tenho (é muito provável que ela tenha causado a dpdr).
Me senti bem, apesar dos outros sintomas, essa desconexão da realidade foi muito menos pior que costumava ser. Acordei com uma vontade de estudar, coisa que não acontecia desde agosto de 2020 (quando começou os sintomas). O maldito brainfog tomou conta de mim basicamente, pareço um robô mal configurado. Hoje não fiquei com preguiça de pensar. Até a minha memória melhorou (mesmo ainda estando uma merda),. Leia sobre transtornos dissociativos e veja o quão debilitada fica a sua memória.
Acordei e fui direto pro banho, tava suando igual um porco. Na minha cabeça discuti sobre evolução, defendendo essa posição. Fiz o papel do criacionista e do evolucionista ao mesmo tempo. O criacionista perguntava (eu no caso), e eu argumentava contra. É confuso, mas é assim que funciona o meu cérebro. Depois de 30 minutos fazendo isso, me toquei que CARALHO, como eu lembrei de todos esses argumentos? Como eu consegui formular perguntas na minha mente sem esquecer nenhuma palavra? Minha autoestima e minha vontade de me livrar desse transtorno maldito subiu demais.
Eu divaguei demais nesse post, dei detalhes desnecessários e não costumo ser assim, mas sério mesmo, tô querendo focar em melhorar esse meu problema. Passei numa IF aqui no meu estado e nem fudendo quero estragar isso tudo por causa do meu cérebro defeituoso, ainda mais sabendo que lá eles pegam pesado.
Só tenho 1 amigo e ele também não é de se abrir muito e costuma ser bem sentimental, o que não ajuda tanto.
Alguém que passa ou já passou por qualquer transtorno dissociativo pode conversar por DM comigo? Gostaria de conselhos. Nego apoio emocional, essa merda não adianta de nada. Obrigado. Ah, se tiver algum erro de gramática, culpe a DPDR haha
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2022.01.19 01:13 tgersjaw Please tell me I’m toward the end of puppydom

My little Yorkipoo will be 6 months old next week. I’ve had him since he was 10wks. I really love him to death but he has turned into an absolute monster in the last couple weeks.
He was once so good in his crate. Now all of a sudden, he’s barking at the top of his lungs when he goes in during the day (thankfully he sleeps through the night).
We go for walks. We play. We train. He has so much energy. He bites me every time I’m in view of him. He walks around peeing everywhere. Even if we just went out and he peed, he comes in and pees a little dime size on the carpet. And then takes off at rocket speed to get away from me.
He’s doing things he never did before like barking at nothing. Barking at me when I’m on the couch. Barking at me when I’m working. Just barking all day.
He went like 2 months without pooping in the house and then all of a sudden, pooped in the house 2 days in a row.
I didn’t have puppy blues in the beginning but I have them now so bad and I don’t know what to do. Am I close to the end of this?
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