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TDSB OT list

2022.01.19 01:42 According_Lynx4846 TDSB OT list

Hi I sent my TDSB application for the OT Pool on Jan 2nd. For those of you who have applied in the past how long has it taken before they called you for an interview? And when you passed the interview how long did it take for them to notify you?
There is a shortage of supply but it doesn’t seem like the board is picking up pace.
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2022.01.19 01:42 Robobot10 Is it possible to convert a fixed stock Saiga to a folding stock configuration?

So, as I heard it the Saigas have the AK-100 series folding trunnions and that's why the unconverted ones can be made to have 5.5mm folding stocks. Well, if that's true, then can't the fixed stock Saigas be converted to the same 5.5mm folding stock as they still have the folding stock trunnion? Please correct me if what I heard is wrong or if I'm completely off.
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2022.01.19 01:42 Frayl_Blackheart Help me think of a title

I need a title for my book. I had called it "Aberration", but I've since changed some things in the book and now that name no longer fits like it did before.
The book is in part about a girl who can change her form into a feline beast, she's part of a race called zveri, or slakers, and her story is one of gaining a soul, in essence. Her past is dark and she's pretty feral at the start, but she gradually finds her humanity and sees herself as more than an animal. Zveri are rounded up upon discovery and sent to a sort of prison until theyre selected for slave labour or used to train future warriors by being hunted down.
My other main character is what's called a sīthe, he's a warrior in a religion that follows a goddess whose worship is outlawed, making him a heretic in the eyes of the citizens of Jericho (that's the name of the world). The night of his ascension to the rank of sīthe, he goes through a ritual where the goddess visits him in a vision to give him his first quest, and she sends him to find the girl main character, because she will lead him to secrets and the truth about Jericho.
I had thought of names like "The Beast and the Heretic", or "The Soul of a Beast" but I don't really like the idea of having "beast" in my title, it has too much of a werewolf connotation. I am wary also of naming it with my made up words.
Please help if you can!
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2022.01.19 01:42 thebody47 Will there be a small edition for epix 2?

Title speaks for itself. I hate bulky watches.
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2022.01.19 01:42 NEET_and_tidy W̢̫̿í̫̍ţ͚̟h̹̳̑ x̯̗͡bͣ̉͜ö̠̙́x͙͖̊ b͚̅͡ư̸̞y̯ͭ͡i̭̚͡ṋ̇͗ġ̡͎ Ȃ̛̭c̡̨̤tͯ͜͞ỉ̈́͝v̷̼̉i̧ͭ͆s̨̛̻i̡̻̤o̶̼̚n̲̓͝ B̘̞͟l̜͌͟i̟͗͟z̪̑̕z͙̟ͣȁ̰ͅr͓ͨ͠ḓ̴ͤ.

Porn addiction is still there trying to counteract the super-high of using drugs, alcohol, or porn.
I am officially on the tip of a perfectionist and therefore can be better for myself. Fuck porn, it is an embarrassing and deeply humbling feeling when you can't even get out of nowhere. Why do you think so few viewers pay attention to the point that I have come to an end.
I know people gonna say its not that bad . Some men are really soulless . I did watch certain porn and fetish. What this means is that your brain will make you feel worse before you get the fuck up and do something. I'm fantasizing about it while watching porn around the age of 18 - I wasn't jerking off when I said I feel amazing I meant I was in.
As far as I remember, skin color isnt discussed in detail in my soul . Some guys even commented they really like how they torcher those females. There is never a better man and that starts today.
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2022.01.19 01:42 Rowsdower11 Craft

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2022.01.19 01:42 vchiyu89 [homemade] pigs in a blanket

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2022.01.19 01:42 ScottyFoxes Anyone else just immediately shoot Jezebel after giving her a bod?

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2022.01.19 01:42 gbatx I feel cheeted.

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2022.01.19 01:42 SupremoZanne POLL: Would you wanna stay at a Howard Johnsons hotel?

One reason why I bring up Howard Johnsons is because the Angry Nerd did a review for Game Gear tips VHS tapes that were thinly veiled advertisements for Howard Johnsons hotels!
There's nothing more hilarious than referring to Howard Johnsons as Hojo.
Personally, I would wanna stay at a Howard Johnsons hotel, because the Angry Nerd's review for Howard Johnsons VHS tapes got me into it.
View Poll
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2022.01.19 01:42 Paul-Belgium Karen Jensen , late 60s.

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2022.01.19 01:42 Neurotic_Neurologist I'm the builder and designer of a small LOTR/ Simarillion themed clan. Work in Progress :)

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2022.01.19 01:42 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] South Australia records 3,482 COVID cases ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.19 01:42 stonkloss Pull station with panduit and double side tape 🤦‍♂️ brain smoked!🤣🤣

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2022.01.19 01:42 GmODpLAyeR Free him

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2022.01.19 01:42 thrv85 Almost

Almost looked human. Almost. There was something strange in the way it moved, spoke, smiled and looked at me. Something was off. So I tried to smoke a cigarette and get out of there. So I tried to call for a cab and get back home. But my words were impossible and my head couldn't process. I was drunk (didn't help) and just outside a bar in ...
Next thing I remember I was in a grey space. Enormous, empty, just grey in all directions. "Where am I?" Oh you know. So I knew. I'm here now. I should know.
The thing came again. Out of nowhere. Out of the grey. Again looking at me, smiling, but not the way a person would. Something was off, is off, I'm sure. What I was saying?
It's still here. Almost looking human. Almost.
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2022.01.19 01:42 Jonaraja Did you hear the news

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2022.01.19 01:42 Apprehensive_Ring_39 Some of my favorite manga panels.

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2022.01.19 01:42 wifeofbroccolidicks How vital is it to update mods?

I've been playing the SVE mod, and it's been telling me that there are certain mod files that have an update. This whole modding thing just goes over my head and have no idea about how to update them. Is it important? Can I keep playing normally?
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2022.01.19 01:42 ButterscotchLost6559 I'm Danish. I wanna know that will I get this girl as my soulmate?

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2022.01.19 01:42 nothin1998 S311 Al Badr, a Foxtrot class submarine of the Libyan Navy, in Kronstadt, Russia, circa 2011 [1231x813]

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2022.01.19 01:42 Argbmf [help] Dog with Red eyes, greenish/yellow goo, loose stool, lethargic puppy, 12 weeks.

About four days ago I adopted a puppy from the Humane Society in Portland. Since the day we got him, he has had both of his eyes red. The goo is more noticeable after long naps or in the morning. Today I noticed during a walk but his eyes were clear and both completely normal. This is why I thought it was worth asking on here since they are red and oozing goo again. He had a cough within 24 hours of bringing him home. It went away.
Dog 12 weeks old Pit/shepherd mix. (they told us the mom was for sure pit, dad is most likely some sort of Sheppard) 14 pounds We live in Portland.
I have pictures but Reddit isn’t letting me post it.
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2022.01.19 01:42 Notathrowaway550 Frage an die Gläubigen unter euch: Komme ich als Atheist wirklich in die Hölle?

Mal ganz nebensächlich an welchen Gott oder an welche Götter du glaubst, findest du es fair dass ich nach meinem Tod dafür bestraft werden soll weil ich nicht an etwas glaube für dass es keine Indizien gibt?
Zur Info: Ich habe nie die Bibel, den Koran, das neue Testament oder eine andere religiöse Lektüre gelesen und weiß eigentlich nicht sehr viel über sämtliche Religionen. Ich bin katholisch getauft und bin mit 18 aus der Kirche ausgetreten. Früher als Kind war ich mir immer unsicher im Bezug auf Religion und glauben an Gott, ich dachte mir mehr oder weniger ich glaube einfach daran weil ich so auf der sicheren Seite bin fals er wirklich existiert. Mit den Jahren erschien es mir jedoch immer unwahrscheinlicher, alles Leid auf der Welt kann doch gar nicht Teil dieses großen Plans sein. Noch dazu alle diese Ungereimtheiten.. Heute bin ich der festen Meinung dass wir keinen Schöpfer haben und es einfach nur ein riesen Zufall ist dass es in unserem Winkel der Milchstraße zu Leben gekommen ist.
Mir fehlt der Beweis, es ist ja nicht so dass Gott jedem mal im Leben erscheint und er nur diejenigen in die Hölle wirft die seine Existenz trotzdem leugnen. Und ich weiß dass viele oder manche von euch vielleicht der Meinung ist dass er eben schon jedem erscheint und viele es nur nicht erkennen. Aber dann würde ich doch eher Gott die Schuld dafür geben. Er (oder sie?) könnte doch auch vielleicht einen Sohn auf die Erde schicken als Beweis für seine (oder ihre?) Existenz. Achso, das hatten wir ja schon mal.. Aber wieso ausgerechnet vor über 2000 Jahren? Versteht mich nicht falsch, die Existenz von Jesus Christus ist sozusagen das einzige an dass ich wirklich glaube weil seine Existenz mehr oder weniger bewiesen ist, aber ich bin mir sicher dass er nicht der "Sohn Gottes" war oder übermenschliche Kräfte hatte. Hand aufs Herz, wenn heute, ungefähr 2020 Jahre später Gott uns seinen zweiten Sohn (oder mal eine Tochter) auf die Erde schicken würde, würdest du es glauben? Ich glaube er würde in der Psychiatrie auf die selbe Etage mit allen anderen Söhnen Gottes, die zur Zeit auf der Erde wandeln, kommen. Und auch andere Beweise wie das Wunder der Geburt oder andere Wunder sind für mich nur ein Beweis für die Schönheit der Natur aber nicht für etwas Übernatürliches.
Ich hoffe mit dem letzten Absatz bin ich niemanden zu nahe getreten und auch generell will ich hier keine Glaubenskriege in den Kommentaren anfechten. Ich will nur wissen wie Gläubige das sehen. Nehmen wir an jemand lebt sein Leben in Frieden mit seinen Mitmenschen, hält sich an die 10 Gebote (obwohl er die 10 Gebote nicht auswendig aufzählen könnte) weil er so auch mehr Respekt von seinen Mitmenschen bekommt und nicht weil sie mal auf einer Tafel standen. Aber dieser Mensch ist fest davon überzeugt dass es keinen Gott gibt und wenn ihn jemand fragt hat er auch keine Scheu davor zu sagen Gott existiert nicht. Würde euer geliebter Gott diesen von Grund auf guten Menschen wegen Blasphemie in die Hölle werfen?
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2022.01.19 01:42 nothin1998 S311 Al Badr, a Foxtrot class submarine of the Libyan Navy, in Kronstadt, Russia, circa 2011 [1231x813]

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2022.01.19 01:42 Betley09 If btc fails to stay above 41,500 we could see shib dip to anywhere from 2480-900

As btc slowly bleeds the market dry, alts are getting the sh!t kicked out of them and if btc fails to hold above 41,500, it could be the beginning of the big move down into the 30k range which would temporarily destroy the market.
Support levels for shib are around the 2640, 2480, 2300-2200 and 1000-900 areas and the last case would be btc dumping to the 28k-low 30k area.
Although we might get a bounce here, the 41,500 level on btc is what you want to keep your eye on over the next while!
Not here to fud on shib, but people should be aware of the risks involved in crypto.
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