US probing Alibaba cloud unit for security risks: sources

2022.01.19 01:56 GoMx808-0 US probing Alibaba cloud unit for security risks: sources

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2022.01.19 01:56 adam00722 Question about generational severity

I have just recently been given a tentative diagnosis for two forms of eds and one other genetic condition after a long wait on a genetics test.
So I was wondering if there was a way to tell how severe eds a child of mine would have. I myself don't have too many issues beyond partial dislocations and pots, I do have all the other symptoms just to lesser degrees. Would it be possible to know? Or just a toss up?
This is not about ethics just about possibilities.
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2022.01.19 01:56 jhontreck 18M [M4F] shy introvert looking for his first relationship [relationship]

Ahh hello there, well as this is my first post here it can be pretty lengthy as I wanna briefly explain what I'm looking for so please bear with me haha..
Ahh I'm not Soo good at these introductions but a little about me - heyy, my name is hash age 18 from dubai..well if I had to describe my personality I'd say shy, humorous, humble.. I've got a good sense of humor as far as I know and I can pretty cheesy at certain times haha.. When I'm close to someone I'm clingy and attentive, that means you'll be getting all of my attention all the time.
My hobbies usually are cooking, editing, watching anime playing football and poetry... I'm trying to learn new languages as well, currently tryna learn Japanese. I play tons of video games though mostly on my ps4, currently the games I'm interested in are apex and genishin impact haha..
Hmm I don't have a very good taste when it comes to watching movies and shows but if I had to say then my fav genre is horror, sci-fi and MCU.. I'mma huge marvel fan music taste is pretty different as I usually listen sad romantic songs and that one song that I can't get out of my head even till this day is Another love by Tom Odell.. I do watch tons of anime mostly romantic and fantasy ones haha..
Hmm now as for my appearance, I'm your average brown boy haha with a little bit of extra height, I'm 6'2 tall with weight around 165 lbs, black eyes, black hair, brown skin and a little beard..
Well I've been an introvert most of my life and have never socialized much, so my interaction with girls is pretty low haha and I guess I'm a hopeless romantic too but I've got way with words. I can be soft talker and shower you with compliments 24/7.. well never actually been ever in a relationship before in my life so I might a little shy and uncomfortable at start but once I'm comfortable around you, I'm hella talkative haha.. as I said pretty clingy and sometimes possessive too, I don't get angry easily, I've got a pretty good patience level..
I do know well what I'm looking for here and it's kinda hard to get too, but I want someone who understands me, who likes me for me , who is clingy and attentive, who can be possessive about me.. ahh see if I'm see you being possessive about me, I'd be head over heels for you...
I'd like to do all those cute couple stuff, talking on calls for hours, playing video games together, and if we get connected I don't want to keep this online, I wanna meet up and take things further as I'm serious about this..
I don't mind we start to speak on text but I really prefer voice calls over text as I feel like we could get to know each other better and I find kind of romantic haha..
So if you've read this so far, then let me know if you're interested in being my first love..
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2022.01.19 01:56 Shaynzer666 [LF] Stitches or Coco 🖤 [FT] Bells!

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2022.01.19 01:56 itsmezerker Thanks RightStuf...

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2022.01.19 01:56 master33225 People who believe that the earth is round, why do you believe that ?

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2022.01.19 01:56 Dramatic-Sea8909 Latest Addition how does everyone think I done? Managed to get everything for $260, all games are original/working.

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2022.01.19 01:56 Deniz1999 Lea Katharina Maria

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2022.01.19 01:56 hgiwvac9 A few of my favorite scenes from our all too brief visit. I love you, Big Island. I'll see you again soon.

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2022.01.19 01:56 Nero2047_ Yomi

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2022.01.19 01:56 Dr_Talon Secret Service: St. Louis gang tied to $1 million in motorcycle thefts around U.S.

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2022.01.19 01:56 TheLargestIdea Theoretically there could have been a moment where every light was red at once and no one could have noticed

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2022.01.19 01:56 Salty_Sea5341 salicylic acid?

Wondering if salicyclic acid would work for my forehead/brows. Has anyone tried this? Want to remove scales and flakes without damaging any more hair follicles.
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2022.01.19 01:56 nootherbitch Self sabotage?

I am in the healthiest relationship of my life. I’ve been with my partner for about 3 and a half years. We are very long distance… not just another city or state over, but there’s an ocean between us. Visiting has been tough since the start of the pandemic. I know that I love him and as corny as it is he loves me in the way I’ve always wanted to be loved but never before him thought I really deserved.
It could be the distance but it could very well just be my horniness… Recently I’ve been tempted to cheat with someone I’ve hooked up with before that has been contacting me again. I feel like a terrible person. I know I shouldn’t do it, and when it comes down to it I really don’t think that I would actually go through with it. But… I think about it more than I’d like to.
I guess I’m just hoping to get some opinions here… Please be kind—I’m a sensitive bitch.
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2022.01.19 01:56 thatrandomguy229 Entitled mom tries to get me arrested for helping her

by now you probably know who’s who OP:me EM: entitled mother NK: nice kid OF: old friend (who’s a cop)
I’m 20 years old as of posting this and the other day was my birthday but boy was it the worst bday I’ve ever had. first off before I can do birthday stuff I have my job at a VR arcade I’m a hour or two into my shift when I see the spawn of satan that is the EM walking into the store. I ask her how long she’d like to play she says 2 hours I get them set up normal customer so far. The 2 hours is up NK stake off her VR stuff and says thank you. EM is struggling so I go over to help I get the be headset off of her and she starts screaming in her banshee voice how I tried to rpe her. I think to my self here we go again as this had happened meany times before with entitled parents. For context I’m in no way shy person and I’m not afraid to shut somebody down. I then say in the most calm voice I can ma’am I simply helped you out of your gear because it looked like you were struggling. EM then says the most Karen thing we all know say it with me let me speak to the manager. I pull a not so smart move because I am the manager I turn around walk into another room and say here I am. She obviously is pissed at that remark and then screams I’m calling the cops!!! I start laughing my ass off because we have cameras in my laughter I just say go for it. NK tries to stop her heck spawn of a mom but is just pushed away. Fast forward another 10 or so minutes of her mindlessly screaming OF arrives he does standard police stuff asked her side of the story I later found out she lied like hell saying I brought her to one of the more private rooms we have then brutally rped her OF goes over to me and asked my side except I pull out a Karen’s worst enemy the camera footage I tell OF. She was struggling and I helped her then here we are. Of course in the end we watched the camera feed and she got arrested for false emergency or whatever that crime is called.
Sorry if this isn’t very good it’s my first post here
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2022.01.19 01:56 frankco-71 rip

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2022.01.19 01:56 worse_backlash Can't argue with that.

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2022.01.19 01:56 pabwithanab Any way to improve my hive?

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2022.01.19 01:56 haromene What's the cheapest laptop I can get with an i5 core?

I'm from India.
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2022.01.19 01:56 Illustrious_Plate813 Cheated on cuz we didn’t believe the same thing.

My ex Q is willing to lose his $100,000/yr job that he’s had for close to 15 years because he won’t get vaccinated. He cheated on me with someone who believes in conspiracies like him, because he wanted to have someone “on his team”. I’m just hoping the lawyers can get the settlement done before he goes completely broke. I don’t think he’s lost his job yet because the oilfield is scrambling for workers. So he pays to get tested multiple times a week to keep going to work. He also has mentioned how when he goes into a store and doesn’t have a mask on he feels like a “minority” because everyone is looking at him. Says that when he wears a mask he feels himself dying, (but he goes snowboarding each winter and wears a face mask the whole time on the hill). And how this is just like the holocaust and we’re slipping into a dictatorship. And he believes that he’ll be shipped into a “camp” for the unvaccinated soon. I feel like him cheating may have been for the best, doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell. This pandemic really shows peoples true colors. I tried to be understanding in the beginning, I was scared of getting the vaccine and I was questioning what was going on. But it just didn’t make sense to me for the government to be trying to kill everyone who actually listens and also pays taxes. And my anxiety couldn’t handle the constant YouTube videos and crazy claims. I had to go through getting the vaccine alone while being scared sitting in the waiting room with no one to comfort me or encourage me. And then his brother told him how I was “virtue signaling “ by posting it to FB. I was trying to get some solidarity from loved ones so I didn’t feel so alone. He also believes I made him infertile by sleeping in the same bed after I was vaccinated. These are crazy effing times. Thank you to everyone else who posted their stories, it does help to know I’m not alone, and that I wasn’t wrong for sticking to my values. Now I’m just concerned that when I get back into dating, I won’t find anyone because most guys in my area believe the same bullshit. Hold onto your values and morals everyone, the compassion we have for others will be what keeps the world a beautiful place.
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2022.01.19 01:56 pSySC0SaIYan100 Why is the Indian education system f*cked.

I don't want to say anything else. Everyone knows this. Ok so discuss how we can change it? I study stuff in school that I know I will never use again after I finish studying and get a job
Will this stupid system ever change? is it the problem of the government?
Give me reasons that this can't change. Many may disagree but I'm just worried that in the future this trash education system wont change.
Tell how we can change this.
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2022.01.19 01:56 InternationalTop2405 Do you believe this will be the last wave of the pandemic ?

View Poll
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2022.01.19 01:56 UltraSolgaleoZ I went to the shop, and got a container for a nest, a new bag, food, plenty of almond water, some Lucky O’ Milk in assorted flavours and some Cashew Water, which I use to give my little buddies a boost of strength. I wandered and ended up here, and am writing a guide on deathmoths.

I went to the shop, and got a container for a nest, a new bag, food, plenty of almond water, some Lucky O’ Milk in assorted flavours and some Cashew Water, which I use to give my little buddies a boost of strength. I wandered and ended up here, and am writing a guide on deathmoths. submitted by UltraSolgaleoZ to backrooms [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 01:56 Peugeot905 China Now Has Over 2.6 Million Charging Piles

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2022.01.19 01:56 thatsratherharsh Bumble has become so easy.....

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