Bodies of 4 women, including couple from Texas, found dumped inside plastic bags in Mexican border city of Juarez

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2022.01.19 02:05 Bonus1Fact Bodies of 4 women, including couple from Texas, found dumped inside plastic bags in Mexican border city of Juarez

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I took a package to return to my local UPS Store yesterday and had them print out the return shipping label. Checked the status of the tracking number on my receipt today and noticed it was being sent to the wrong state. Then I double checked the tracking number to compare it to the one I gave them and noticed they are completely different. Went back to the UPS Store and explained this to them. Was told the person that helped me yesterday was new and the guy there made a call and it's hopefully going to be sent back to the UPS Store so I can come back and have them put the right shipping label on it. But he didn't sound 100% sure they would send it back like he hasn't dealt with this before and was told he was waiting for a call back from them to confirm they will do it. I tried calling UPS's customer service line a few hours later to confirm that this would be what would happen but after finally getting past their automated service I spoke to someone that was of no help whatsoever. Anyone had this problem before? Any advice on what to do?
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Today we’re breaking down “The Meeting”.
Jim attempts to have a meeting with David Wallace to push for a promotion without Michael knowing, but of course, it backfires.
Meanwhile, Dwight and Toby team up to try to see if Daryl is faking a work injury, and Pam struggles to get RSVPs to her and Jim’s wedding.
Jenna reminisces about the yellow pages, Angela discovers a unique wine inspired by a condiment and Andy has a lot to say about cheese.
So can you RSVP to this episode? Ryan’s a maybe.
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2022.01.19 02:05 BorkBorkBorkBorkBor What are the pros and cons to dub tubbing? Does dub tubbing lead to skinner/taller fruits? Do you find your sub dries out quicker? What effect if any does this have or is it just preference?

Mine seem to like the grey lid more but it could just be coincidence or my perception. So just trying to see what others think and or know and what your experience has been with dub tubs. Thanks in advance!
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Her character and acting is incredible. She has this tainted smile that is beautiful and fucked up at the same time. I think she's going to become one for the ages if this show runs the full length.
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I want to build a query for sunburnt(solr interface) using class inheritance and therefore adding key - value pairs together. The sunburnt interface takes keyword arguments. How can I transform a dict ({'type':'Event'}) into keyword arguments (type='Event')?
Answer link :
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2022.01.19 02:05 Kaeyll (CCF#2935) - Gympie (Part 3/4)

My mind stood still, choosing to neither fight nor flee, remaining in a state of perpetual attempted comprehension of the scene playing out in front of me as I remained motionless, petrified in place. It began to rise up, uncoiling its gigantic serpentine body as the writhing mass spread its gyre out from the podium. As I craned my neck back in abject awe, the sheer size of the thing was only overshadowed by the absolutely magnificent display of colour reflected from every inch of its surface, a display I instantly recognised from the immaculate carving still nestled in my bag. As my eyes adjusted and the luminous glow of the worms fully encapsulated the absolutely massive being, the brief realisation came full circle as its gigantic head came into view, opening its two massive, enchanting eyes, staring straight into my very soul.
It was beyond words, terrifying yet majestic, completely and utterly imposing yet genuinely serene. The gigantic serpent a spitting image of its statue, which itself was carved of the same brilliant, shimmering material that made up every undulating scale that covered the entire beasts elongated body.
For what felt like eternity it stared menacingly, emanating a low, reverberating growl, when my knees finally gave out. Falling backwards, my bag hit the ground first, the contents spilling out over the stone floor as I followed a moment later. The serpent swung its focus passed me to the now exposed carving, shining in all its rainbow glory, it looked straight back at me with a bizarre expression not even five meters away as I nervously glanced a look at the statue, my mind reeling. Turning back, I almost had a heart attack as it had silently moved in barely three feet from my face, its eyes narrowed, delving deeper into my being. In a moment of clarity I scampered back, reaching for the statue, I held it out in front of me, offering back its likeness in a vain attempt at a peace offering
The beast’s eyes widened slightly as it stared at me for a long moment as if reading my intentions, before, after for what felt like an eternity, it opened its eyes back up as the bizarre snarl ceased and it pulled its head back. Standing up tall on but a fraction of its length, reaching almost halfway to the ceiling, it suddenly jerked its head over to the left then back to me, I stood, dumbfounded as it repeated the action, seeming almost frustrated or impatient. When I finally snapped out of my trance, I shot a look back to the stone tablet and statues. Glancing back up at the majestic beast, it dipped its head in a subtle nod as I slowly made my way over to the left-hand wall.
As I approached the display came into view, a giant, slightly concave stone, two to three meters high and at least six wide, inscribed with an amazingly intricate cursive script. Painstakingly complex and immaculately carved, the script was unlike anything I’d ever seen, yet amazingly similar to most advanced modern scripts, flowing and connecting between symbols. Aside from particular symbols connected by bizarre lines, it was familiarly structured into distinct words, sentences and paragraphs, the small size allowing a great deal of script upon its marble-like surface.
My attention was then drawn to the impressive showcase of variously sized statues, carvings, pottery and other artwork, but the focus of the whole display lay in the centre, just in front of the tablet. A round platform upon which sat two figures, each carved just as intricately as the serpentine head carefully cupped in my hands, comprised of the same shining scales.
The first, an imposing and gallant warrior, about half a meter in height, adorned in solid metal-plated armour covering his shoulders, torso and thighs, with finely detailed cloths draped around his waist. With distinguished facial features and messy, medium length hair under a spiked circlet adorning his head, he held aloft in one hand a long metal spear, with a small shield strapped to the other forearm. His whole form exuded reverence and grace, power and humanity, he was a remarkable sight to behold.
The second, standing about a meter and a half, was of the great serpent itself that now loomed behind me, coiled around the platform with the man standing in the centre, the beast’s body rising up above the warrior, which abruptly cut-off at the neck.
Staring down at the glistening serpent’s head in my hands, without even thinking as if acting on instinct, held the head aloft, up to the fractured end of the statue. It slotted in like the most flawless puzzle piece, then something bizarre happened, the light around the seam increased its luminous shine as the surfaces fused together solid, the shimmer fading back to regular, leaving not even a blemish where the seam had been. Easing my hands off, unsure at first before stepping back and admiring the once again complete display, wondering how long it had been and just how it ended up on surface.
Despite being within the serpents coil, they seemed to be fighting along side each other in a trusted symbiotic relationship, both with their gaze set forward. As I beheld the mesmerising alter, yet another bizarre sound emanated from the serpent behind me, a sudden higher pitched tone made me jump as I looked over my shoulder, the beast leaning down over me staring at the complete statue while an odd chorus of tones reverberated throughout its body.
It glanced down at me with another slow nod, one that exuded an air of immense gratitude. I watched as the majestic beast turned away and slithered over to the lake, plunging into the relatively shallow waters, despite being far from submerged it settled down before helping itself to a drink.
My mind started moving again slowly but surely, this creature, just how old was it? How had it survived down here? Surely it couldn’t subsist solely off water. Looking around, I noticed there were many small animal skulls and other bones amongst the relatively few human-looking remains, subterranean mammals I assumed. But laying eyes on the human skull brought back my previous trepidation, a reminder of this beasts incomprehensible power. I suddenly spied a set of worn but shining silver armour strewn against the wall amongst some debris of rocks and bones, they looked unmistakably Roman in origin, when it hit me, they were one notable culture absent in the above chambers, it seems they had made it, only with differing intentions.
Shaking my head, I looked back to the giant tablet and the display in front of it, when I noticed something, a patch directly behind the statues lacking the complex cursive of the rest. It was a series of pictograms, arranged from top left to bottom right of various otherworldly scenes, but what lay directly in the centre caught my immediate attention the most, it was a map of the world.
This sudden familiar element felt odd amongst the bizarre world I now found myself in, it was a little imperfect, but considering its age the accuracy was almost flawless, I noticed a few odd irregularities, particularly Antarctica, much of the Antarctic peninsular appeared entirely free of ice, the east and west Antarctic islands separated by water. With clean carved lines, the map was all but unblemished if not for the many dots, markers scattered across the map.
Standing back I took in the pictograms once again, as suddenly it hit me, gasping under my breath, this series of intricately etched scenes is exactly what I’ve been seeking, the main driving force behind my ordeal; the origin of this truly epic complex and its purpose was laid out before me. My dream up to this point still dwelt at the back of my mind as a vague blur, but many of these images began to wrench those scenes back to the forefront.
The first set seemed to tell of the great migration from my dream, countless beings, both sentient and primal fleeing an all encompassing darkness that entered their realm, arriving in our world from beneath the earth long before the rise of man. One scene in particular depicted a great serpent arriving through its gate, the darkness in tow. An eternal battle commenced, the guardians holding the great force at bay, yet still it struggled, forcing gates open all around the world to consume all that defied it so. The great serpent spawning four progeny and casting them to the four corners of the land to protect its new found domain.
For eternity they lay in wait protecting that which now flourished, then the first seeds of man began to take root. Humankind revered these protectors as gods, beyond any measure of our comprehension, then one man, befriending a progeny of great serpent, stood up, a mighty warrior and chieftain which rose to the godly plane of these otherworldly beasts. He fought alongside the serpent and its offspring as an ally and an equal, securing a future for man in the chaotic universe we were born into, raising a great kingdom from the sands to spread its influence to both the men and gods of the world. They constructed great halls upon the gates as reverence and as one, fighting for their home, came to an equilibrium, a golden age in which the darkness sat in slumber, allowing them to thrive like never before. The final scene of that set depicted a grand palace towering above an oasis, the golden throne empty as the king, himself revered as God amongst men in all his splendour consorting with his old friend its underground abode, it’s eternal post.
. . .
Taking all this in, I turned back to the map, particularly Australia, and when the puzzle started tumbling into place. A single larger marker lay in the heart of the country, to the west of Alice Springs, near Uluru, with four smaller dots boarding the four corners; Tasmania; the top and bottom corners of Western Australia and finally right here, in North Queensland. I shot a look back the giant beast behind me, still frolicking in the lake, then down to the statue of the warrior, dressed in the kingly garbs of the later pictograms.
“That was you, wasn’t it?” I muttered under my breath, as if reading my mind it shot a look at me from the other side of the cavern with a sharp, upbeat rasp, opening its gigantic maw to its fullest extent for the first time before going back to its business.
I laughed an odd, nervous laugh, one of mild amusement but mostly of revelation, of pieces falling to place and the alleviation of a strange anxiety that hung over my whole ordeal. The last of the pictograms, however, held a much more sombre tone, rather short, just five panels, but told the tale of their downfall. A sudden aggressive push all but overwhelmed the ancient empire at its height, the nine figures of legend standing in one last attempted to reclaim the land they called home.
The darkness emerged from beneath the earth consuming all in its wake, reducing the once great kingdom to desolate ruin, but those burdened with mankind’s preservation stood strong, the following panels depicting their respective roles.
The six equatorial warriors laid dormant, waiting for their time to lead. Two shaman from the ends of the earth became one with our plane, the new front line of our reality. Then finally, the great King himself, standing alone in a world reduced to ash and cinder, confronted with the all consuming apocalypse, gave his final decree to the gods, to the guardians of time immemorial: To stand beside the shaman in solidarity and hold the dimensional line, then, when the time came, to the guide the warriors that will birth a new world.
The final scene of the earth wiped clean, the guardians remained within their domain, awaiting humanities return to once again fight together as one, our eternally sworn brethren brought together by fate, held aloft by a common enemy, and sustained though an undying kinship.
Glancing back to the map, I was piecing together the story before me with my nightmarish visions of which were now flooding back, the circular markers, both big and small filled the map, covering every continent.
Standing out from the clean circles were a series of finely etched squares, the largest of which laying the heart of Australia, just by the numbers alone I surprised these were the ancient cities I beheld in my dream; one in north-western Africa; one in northern India; one on the north coast of South America; one between Australia and Africa bordering the southern ocean; one on the ice-free Antarctic peninsular. Then the last, one that differs for reasons that still elude me, was located on what I estimate to be Svalbard in the Arctic circle, this particular square also contained a finely etched triangle within, entirely unique amongst the rest. The only connecting string I’ve managed to come up with is the Viking presence within the pyramid, but nothing even close to anything definitive.
. . .
I finally pulled myself away from the tablet and the display in general, making my back to the centre where I noticed the serpent had returned to it’s circular podium, it watched me with interest as I meandered around its domain. Staring up at the majestic titan, I attempted to comprehend that this is the offspring of one much older than itself, one that seemingly lay in the centre of Australia.
At the time I don’t think I consciously acknowledged it, but I’m sure I knew, the one, blatantly obvious answer staring me straight in the face: This was the rainbow serpent of Aboriginal legend, well, a rainbow serpent, legends speak of many serpents with as many names that forged the land during the Dreamtime, but one reigned above all, known as the mother serpent, or father, depending on the dialect and origin. Referred to as Wanampi by the central Anangu people that have lived in the areas around Uluru for yens if thousands of years. The local Gubbi people of the Gympie region, however, tell tales of Dhakhan, the great water serpent that created rivers and lakes with its mighty form.
Whatever its name may be, it is as majestic and frighteningly powerful as even the most fanciful tales tell, Dhakhan loomed over me in all its majesty, continuing to watch me in curiosity, I began to realise the true pressure the beast gave off, its docile nature luring my self preservation into a numb state, enticing feelings of protection by merely being in its presence.
Breaking eye contact proved harder than anticipated, its deep, green eyes shining like emeralds, staring into them felt like their depth had no end, almost becoming lost in an odd, almost concerning moment. It seemed to noticed this, closing its eyes for a moment as I came back to the present, shaking away the fog. It was a stark reminder of its true nature, one truly not of this world.
Finally turning back to the first feature I noted on my way in, I stood face to face with the six stone beasts that have kept the solitary serpent company since the fall of the ancient kingdom. Knowing what I knew, the context and weight of both the statues in front of me and the ancient warriors above began to truly settle in.
Much like the warriors, I instantly recognised some but had some trouble with others, although, after some vigorous cross-checking since returning home, I’m confident I’ve determined their identities. The two in the centre immediately struck me despite being decidedly different from the depictions I’m well-accustomed to. Both were winged mammalian-looking creatures, the one on the left a spitting image of the imposing Lamassu, the guardian bull deity of ancient Mesopotamia and eponymous with their goddess Lamma. Like many mythological creatures, they are depicted with the face of a human, this however bore the visage of a ferocious yet dignified beast, yet still bore an expression that was decidedly human, exuding intelligence beyond measure. The same air of wisdom and majesty shared by the remaining assortment of mythological creatures which currently surrounded me, both flesh and stone alike.
Taking in the second statue, a clear pattern began to show. Clearly feline in nature and its face, like the Lamassu, was decidedly animal-like, slightly rounder and no less distinguished, it was the legendary Sphinx, though unlike the well known depiction in Giza, it had a pair of long, elegant wings tucked back along its body.
Egypt and Mesopotamia. Ra and Lamma. Gods and their divine beasts. I was in shock, yet, it felt right, the once fragmented enigma laid out before me. Following the pattern, I confirmed my suspicions with the two figures on the right, the rightmost being the most uncanny representation of what I’ve come to know, the dragon king, Shenlong, standing tall on its elongated body, identical to even the oldest of traditional Chinese depictions. The intricate details of every scale only comparable to the life-like wings of its contemporaries, its giant fangs within its open maw exuding a truly imposing aura in contrast to its elegant form. Next to it stood the mighty Garuda, the golden eagle of Hindu and Buddhist mythology, despite being almost entirely avian-like in every aspect, it stood bipedal on two muscular legs supporting a sapien-like torso and arms, standing upright with a sense of grace an dignity.
By this point I felt I knew what to expect as I approached the final two statues on the left-hand side, the last remaining pairing was that of the Americas, and ironically, these two once again proved the hardest to identify, not coming to any form of conclusion until some mildly thorough research. They were both decidedly serpentine, the statue on the far left of the semi-circle depicted a being of comparable length and girth to the rainbow snake behind me, hitting with me with a stark reminder, these stature were far from life-sized. The long, streamline serpent of a far simpler design compared to the rest, a featureless body leading up to its crowning glory, two massive, branching horns protruding from its head section. After returning home I became certain this was the aptly named Horned Serpent of Native American lore.
This left only South America and the companion beast to the eccentric Staff God, similar to its neighbour, it sported a long, streamline body, but appearing more like a dragon than any snake, sporting long condor-like wings and talons. Its head stood out from the rest, mammalian and elongated, this along with the rest of the chimera-like being cemented its identity as the Amaru, revered throughout the Andes long before the Inca, by the Tiwanaku, a mysterious tribe of master architects lost to time due to their lack of writing system, yet many depictions of the majestic winged serpent remain upon their many megaliths.
. . .
I sat down after thoroughly analysing the ancient beasts, becoming conscious of just how exhausted I was, so after collecting my bag which still lay strew between the Lamassu and Sphinx, I settled in front of Dhakhan and its podium, devouring the last two muesli bars and, without thinking, the last of my water. I was beyond malnourished and dehydrated, so I remained there, sprawled out from a while to rest my weary legs. It was truly blissful, the blue light from the glow worms bathed the cave in a serene filter, while the rhythmic splashing of the waterfall lightly echoed throughout mighty chamber.
I can’t recall how long I laid there, I even fell asleep for a time, but I lay there trying to process and compartmentalise recent events, before just giving in and drifting off into fanciful theories and images of a time long past, my mind and body both utterly worn, structured thought, let alone moving requiring the greatest of efforts.
. . .
It must have been a couple of hours I lay there without a care in the world, but eventually my dehydration came back with a vengeance, rummaging through my bag I found nothing but empty bottles, I paused, looking over at the lake before biting the bullet, hoisting myself up and slowly making my over to the shoreline. It was larger than it seemed from where I had been, Dhakhan bathing made it seem like a pond in comparison. I cupped a small amount in my hands before tentatively testing it, but I found it tasted fine. A small part of me remained concerned about contaminants but at that point what other choice did I have.
I finished and refilled that battle several times before I could drink no more, topping it up one more time before placed it in my pocket. I meandered around the edge of the lake, stretching far beyond Dhakhan’s alter, when it struck me something was amiss. The further away from the entrance I travelled, the perfectly cut stone flooring became more and more cracked, a spider web of fractures spreading across the entire surface, separating portions into ever smaller pieces. The lake finally began to curve back in towards the wall, before continuing on as a stream further into the cavern.
Leaning down to examine the increasingly destroyed flooring, which by this point was merely gravel and large chunks embedded in the natural surface below, I noticed a fine layer of the same black soot from the stairwell blanketing every inch of the fractured foundation.
Slowly I continued forward, but as I glanced back up from my feet I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, the floor simply ceased not two meters ahead of me. The illuminated walls and ceiling continued on forward into the distance, but beyond the ledge in front of me lay absolutely nothing, pure darkness, looking left I found the same, a sudden drop curving around the width of the cave to the far side, to the right the stream simply running straight over the drop. Edging closer, I dropped to my hands and knees to peer over the edge, I was met by nothing but pure darkness. Glancing back to the stream cascading over the edge I realised, there was no sound reverberating back up from below, no splashing off stone or another body of water, nothing. Immediately grabbing a loose stone from the ground, I tossed it out into the void. Again, nothing, I waited and waited, a good minute or two passed, but still, absolutely nothing.
I was truly dumb founded, I edged back and made my way around this impossible drop off, backing up and clambering up onto the raised podium in the centre for a better vantage point, Dhakhan continuing to silently observe my exploration. Reaching the top, I turned back to face the void, but I wasn’t prepared for what I beheld: more than a mere hole, a sheer pit of such magnitude its truly hard to comprehend, at minimum roughly two hundred meters in circumference, it was a perfect cylinder bored directly into the earth, the hemispheric balcony we sat upon paled in comparison to the indescribable well that now lay before me.
Then it struck me, the gateways, the portals our allies utilised to forge their way into our world... and through which the darkness followed. It was truly immense, the sheer walls flush with the curved ceiling above, the uniform cylinder only broke by this relatively small alcove the stage which acts as the front line against whatever lay beyond.
I made my way back to the edge to stress test this seemingly bottomless pit as I began hurling bones and rubble into the abyss, even throwing a some shining Roman armour down into the darkness. After a good five minutes of this I was yet to hear a single thing, I sat and waited, yet even a good half an hour, nothing. I wracked my brain, perhaps it was sand or something similarly soft at the bottom that was both cushioning and muffling any contact.
I sat at the precipice for a time, staring off into the abyss, rather than flights of fancy like prior, I just lingered with a empty mind, gazing upon the tenebrous pit, the primordial well in which the tale of civilisation began.
The more I gazed, the more the darkness within gave an aura of unease greater than anything I’ve experienced, it grasped my mind, held it within the impenetrable and all-consuming void. Amid the storm of incomplete notions that plagued me, but one stood out from the others, a comparison I found most apt, that of Tartarus, the eternal hell beneath Hades in which Zeus cast the titans, the bottomless abyss at the foundation of the underworld. The prison of those most cruel.
. . .
Proceeding a thorough inspection, I eventually backed away from the imposing hollow, not at all feeling like spending more time than needed on the fractured shore of the eldritch well. It clawed, ripped away, attempting to steal that which keeps us tied to this world, awareness of self and ones domain, similar to being lost in the great serpent's mesmerising gaze, absorbing one’s being into its own, but this was truly uncompromising, rather than beckoning one into its warm, comforting light, this horrific presence forcefully rends ones soul from it’s abode, wrenching it into the abyss.
Retreating back to the comforting aura of Dhakhan, I sat upon the inner edge of its throne, a feeling of warm contentment and protection embraced me like never before. Under the ever watchful eyes of the majestic stone beasts and mighty serpent, it contrasted heavily against the cold, foreboding energy radiating from the well, a perpetual struggle for supremacy as the opposing auras clashed in a violent maelstrom.
There I lay, consumed by a state of contentment blinding me from the passage of time, I wanted nothing more than to remain, to stay in this cavity deep within the earth. All the debilitating anxieties and worries of the world above felt so insignificant, so infinitesimally minor when in the shadow of what lay beneath our world of concrete and steel, of money and drive, of selfishness and the suffering it brings.
None of that existed down there, it’s ironic, I thought. One must skirt the very edge of true chaos to truly escape the blight which we’ve set upon the world; the hate and fear that permeates society; our abuse of that which shelters us in this chaotic universe; the selfish endeavours on which we embark with no care of those it draws from. All symptoms of a singular, driving condition, nothing but by-products of our eternal pursuit of an impossible goal: a plausible confidence in mankind’s preservation.
I felt nothing but a placid serenity, but this moment of inner peace was not to last.
. . .
It seemed we both felt it at the same time, Dhakhan swinging around to face the well. A deep reverberation filled the air around us, quickly followed by a powerful wave of the opposing energy emanating from the abyss, blasting passed us and almost knocking me off my feet. It overwhelmed the entire cavern before retreating to make way for a chorus of otherworldly shrieks that penetrated my very soul, a spectrum of countless cries echoing throughout the cavern, enveloping the subterranean void in a mild tremor.
I scrambled around the side to gain a better view of the well, when a single, all-encompassing roar thundered up from the depths, drowning out the cacophony of chaos now consuming the shattered balance of this realm. It echoed for what felt like an eternity but slowly dissipated with each iteration. After a moment of stunned silence, the mighty serpent swung around to face me, unleashing a single, blaring roar of its own, a stern look of a grave urgency on its face, if I hadn’t heard the translation echoing through out my mind in a bizarre moment of clarity and connection between us, I more than comprehended the intention from its expression alone.
I stood, frozen, while the ambient chaos crept back into the forefront, when my brain finally put all the pieces together, returning control of my limbs as I stumbled, falling back onto the stone platform. I caught myself before hitting the ground, but as I look up, I saw them, crossing the threshold of the fractured precipice.
The darkness.
Gazing upon them was both a bizarre and horrific experience, countless creatures ranging from two feet tall to five meters and of no consistent shape, clambered over the edge with their assortment of limbs, from just a few to dozens of powerful clawed appendages digging into the bedrock. Their mere form, as nightmarishly disturbing as they were, paled in comparison to their composition. They were the epitome of ill-defined; bleak, tenebrous voids that even the well itself couldn’t hope to compare, only this was different, akin to visual static of the purist form, every piece of visual sensory input entirely failing comprehension, returning nothing but a void in their wake.
It was disturbing beyond words, holding me paralysed in a fight or flight stasis, when suddenly, painfully, an almighty sundering fractured through my mind, a horrendous burning sting that was neither hot nor cold, yet somehow both in a disorientated flood of sensory input, overcoming me entirely as I collapsed with my palms clamped over my temples, screaming a bloodcurdling howl which contended with the roar of the approaching monstrosities.
Again, Dhakhan barked an order at me, but a low, even growl which seemed to numb the maelstrom of sensory overload that was all but debilitating me, snapping my mind into a tunnel vision of singular intent, a sole, driving notion that permeated my being.
“Run. Run and don’t stop.”
In a dilated moment of shifting state of being, I tore myself away from the incomprehensible beasts baring down on me as I hoisted myself up, staring into the serpent’s eyes one last time before it turned away and lunged forward with a defiant roar.
I instantaneously snapped into a sprint directly for the entrance of the cavern, the world speeding up to a blur, the air whipped passed my ears as the apocalyptic chaos loomed menacingly behind me. The cacophony rose to a crescendo of utter bedlam, the all consuming aura of darkness spewed forth from the well completely unabated as the tremors encompassed the entire cavern in a violent embrace. Through it all, the roaring battle cries of the almighty guardian and the eldritch horrors permeated the chamber, some lunged at Dhakhan in a violent fervour, others escaping passed, making for the stairs in a veritable stampede.
Looking back at the marauding monstrosities, I suddenly saw it, slowly rising up in the centre of the well, an absolutely gigantic mound of the same incomprehensible void that now bore down me. The sharply angled head section rose up above the threshold, revealing a mountainous, many-limbed torso with large, jagged spikes protruding from its aft section.
It evenly ascended to just short of the ceiling as it swung a gigantic, clawed hand down onto the rim, crashing down with colossal force, shaking the entire cave all the more. But an assault of a different kind was becoming ever more apparent, the sheer heat this being radiated was enough to turn the entire area into a sauna, the surface of the lake emitting a fine steam from its violently rippling surface.
All in a moment, I felt my mind slip yet again.
Falling, melding into nothingness, as my eyes went wide in an assault beyond the summation of everything that had cursed my journey so far.
Everything began to go dark, fading into the aether.
Then abruptly, two voices called to me, streaming in from opposite directions into my very being, converging in a soothing harmony and pulling me back from the precipice of no return.
“Don’t stop!”
A shot of adrenaline and drive picked me up and gave me a push as I wrenched myself away from the horrific eldritch behemoth. Picking up pace once again, I glanced one final look back towards Dhakhan as it valiantly fought in pitched combat to defend us once again from the smouldering, apocalyptic darkness that once ravaged our world. It refused to concede an inch as it roared in defiance, cementing my own determination as I silently bid it farewell, turning back and disappearing into the darkness of the great ascent.
. . .
My mind was a waning blur as the stone walls whipped past my ears at speeds I didn’t know I was capable of, let alone ascending a staircase. I ran with everything I had, but at the same time felt detached from myself, a passenger merely along for the ride as I blacked in and out, the sounds of the titanic conflict echoing through the confined space, only eventually drowned out by the ever-encroaching spawn and the horrendous cacophony that proceeded them as they clawed their way up to our world.
Horrific visions plagued my consciousness, ripping me from my reality into the burning hellscape of a once flourishing world, one not our own. A blackened sky and decaying landscape overrun by writhing rivers of darkness, dotted with mountainous behemoths reaching high into the smouldering atmosphere. Through the black-veiled sky, other celestial bodies hung high above that had succumbed to a similar fate.
A bleak, desolate realm utterly consumed by an insatiable hunger beyond reason.
. . .
How long I continued my delusion-plagued ascent from Tartarus I can’t be sure, time felt utterly meaningless, torn between quasi-conscious states in a torturous rending of self.
Eventually, mercifully, the chorus of Ragnarok faded into obscurity, leaving only my rhythmic, echoed footsteps and laboured breathing to fill the void, as I never ceased, never wavered in my climb back to our world.
I was caught within an eternity of abject chaos, but at a point past the landings reinvigorating pivot, all retention of memory ceased, but apparently my drive did not, any further assailing of my consciousness remaining where it lay, forever beyond my grasp.
. . .
I awoke in a more sorry state than I ever have in my far-from sober thirty years in this world, clothes torn to shreds while barely clinging to my equally battered body, my head throbbing with layers of pain, permeating every inch my skull, piercing and throbbing in every manner perceivable. My senses in absolute shambles, a stinging numbness layered over the aches and pains, a blaring spectrum of tinnitus only exacerbating the debilitating migraine.
Soaking wet and encrusted in dirt, dust and my own blood from head to toe, I would have made for a concerning sight, to be sure, but my appearance still far from doing my internal hell true justice. Glancing sideways across dirt on which I lay, I struggled to gain my bearings, the morning light burning my excruciatingly sensitive eyes. Slowly regaining motor function I strained into a sitting position, realising I sat amongst the bush I almost broke my back on what felt like a lifetime ago, under the canopy that hid my improved entrance.
Without thinking twice I crawled out from under foliage, dragging my backpack, which was equally worse for wear, out with me. I was once again driven by the fading but still-present final, all-encompassing notion imparted unto me.
I was greeted by the rising sun and a light shower gently easing onto the shambled aftermath of the prior storm. Sticks and leaves lay scattered about with a few large branches and even a small tree down the hill toppled by a larger branch that once loomed above. I basked in the rain for a moment, closing my eyes to shield from the glare while letting the rain wash over me, soothing both my body and my soul just a touch, albeit perhaps only comparatively so.
I started back down the bottom section of the hill, focused at the fence line beyond, struggling with a limp yet without missing a beat leapt clear over the fence, using the pole as support before flying across the field, finally arriving back at my car. Scrambling with my bag, I thankfully found my keys safe in the side pocket were I’d left them, its only remaining contents that made it back with me.
Unlocking the car and jumping in, I sped off without looking back, not stopping until I got home.
. . .
Stumbling into my apartment in a daze, I locked the door behind me and instantly hit the couch, passing out for a good twelve hours. The events of the past couple of days played over and over in my mind, ingraining in them my psyche.
I woke around midnight and ate my fill of whatever I could find in the fridge and cupboard in an attempt to quell the debilitating cramps I was now experiencing. After purging the first attempt, I tried again to slightly more success before having a shower and settling down on the couch, being able to truly relax for what felt like the first time in a lifetime.
Yet my memories still plagued me, with nothing else to grasp at, I retrieved my laptop and have sat, transcribing these incessant visions in an attempt to rid myself of them. It’s not that I want to forget, what I’ve seen, I couldn’t never go back, but the origin of whence we came and my shattered notions of the nature of reality cause me an inner turmoil, already I doubt my memories authenticity, perhaps a small spark of self preservation attempting to return to the status quo.
As the sun begins to creep over the horizon and bleed in through my blinds, my ordeal feels increasingly distant, as if these memories aren’t even mine, but I know damn well they are. Still I’m finding and removing that fine, black soot from my shoes and tattered clothes, every corner of my bag also, harbouring a fine layer of the ash-like substance, even my hair after a shower remains stained.
I honestly don’t know, I want to believe I’m delusional, that I knocked myself out under that bush in my frantic retreat and the rest was merely a nightmare. Accepting the validity of my experience means accepting so much more...
I don’t know...
There’s little more I can say, part of me wants to return, to prove to myself one way or the other, but I can’t, even considering such devolves my nerves into a quivering mess, I just want to hide, shut myself away from the horrors that comprise the foundation of our world, our lives are but a fragile whisper in the face of the incomprehensible cosmos, realms both before and beyond, notions of life and death we couldn’t even begin to accept into our narrow view of existence, our comforting bubble of ignorance that allows a safe haven in the wider chaotic verse.
What’s the point?
But at the same time, why the fuck not?!
What do you do with redundancy? In the face of absolute futility, how does one continue on? Or is that the point? The very meaning of our insignificant existence, to just, be. Whatever we make of it, simply to exist in defiance of all that would consume us, to be thankful for the time we’ve had secured for us by those beyond our notions, and make the utmost of whatever time we have left.
For how long the delicate balance shall remain, we can never know for sure.
. . .
I know not if I’ll return, to the pyramid, to Gympie, to society as a whole, but for any that happen across this and wish to do so themselves, just be truly certain of what you desire. To unleash that which we could never truly to understand, yet are destined to know, whether we so choose or not.
For once that seal is broken, broken it shall remain.
. . .
REDACTED] appears passive but continued monitoring has been authorised, any relevant action to be be reported to Case Officer. Document retrieved & contained . Gympie IDT status: Secure. Entryway refurbished and secured. Re-analysis of breach distance to be conducted>)
Case compiled & archived by [REDACTED], C.O. - B.A.O.
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