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Acredite se Quiser: Mulheres na Internet

2022.01.19 02:19 Domaior Acredite se Quiser: Mulheres na Internet

E aí, vamos conversar sobrer esse M.I.T.O?
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2022.01.19 02:19 freelancewaterboy You have no right to be this cute!!

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2022.01.19 02:19 Rickthe Did anyone see the new movie featuring a family blessed by The Miracle?

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2022.01.19 02:19 beautiful-burner [Chinese > English] Can someone translate what these say?? Weird emails my friend has been receiving recently. Tried google translate and got very strange translation. Maybe just a bot idk

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2022.01.19 02:19 squirrel420 what gaming community has the worst fanbase/players iyo?

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2022.01.19 02:19 RabidSkullKid Just an update on my industrial and new piercings. Industrials pretty well healed it was a pain but well worth it. As for new piercings I've got my labret and a second set of lobes. For my future plans I want double helix on my right ear and maybe my septum done too. What do yall think?

Just an update on my industrial and new piercings. Industrials pretty well healed it was a pain but well worth it. As for new piercings I've got my labret and a second set of lobes. For my future plans I want double helix on my right ear and maybe my septum done too. What do yall think? submitted by RabidSkullKid to piercing [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 02:19 AK2348 Whatever you say, girl 💅🏼🤡

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2022.01.19 02:19 West_Heat8382 I think I found the new chapter title.

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2022.01.19 02:19 ApprehensiveStatus13 What kind of grandma/grandpa do you aspire to be one day?

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2022.01.19 02:19 MyFairYouth Sampo

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2022.01.19 02:19 eileiph3avohqued1Vae lol so I think the whole HHO thing people have been doing to cars inexplicably could actually ... do something, except maybe not like quite that

although the internet expert consensus is that it should be a net loss if anything I guess? idk I haven't checked recently
but on account of how efficient electrochemical compression is, I think with the right configuration you could end up effectively operating in an enhanced Miller cycle regime where the piston is acting against the electrolysis gas pressure, except the electrolysis gas is also fuel and oxidizer enriching the atmospheric gas as well
I don't think it's practical or as efficient to operate in this mode at wide open throttle, the alternator isn't large enough except maybe in hybrids to flow the necessary volume of electrolysis gas, and there are reduced pumping losses to offset with direct injection, but I think at low to moderate throttle you legit can increase mileage with electrolysis gas injection
particularly if you used an electrolyzer that facilitated separation and pressurized storage of the separated gases, then you could produce and pressurize gas at like highway speeds and open throttle excursions where mechanical and electrical conversion losses are low and at low throttle inject a stoichiometric mixture of oxygen/hydrogen beyond the throttle valve to compensate for the throttle pressure drop (obviously you ramp this up from 0% at closed throttle position, and ideally have a drive engaged interlock so the engine doesn't run away with no load, and ramp it down at the upper throttle transition point blending it so the slope of torque-vs-throttle position remains positive everywhere)
I think in the case of separation and pressurized storage while there isn't much room to improve efficiency at wide open throttle, if the storage pressure is high enough you could do like direct port injection and depending on storage capacity have just like batshit insane power potential, like shift and broaden the torque peak with continuous injection and combustion of fuel/oxidizer
actually idk why those guys don't have huge boners for electrochemical compression, separation and storage, the thought of using high pressure gaseous oxygen and hydrogen injection as a power adder is kind of hilarious, assuming sufficient tank capacity you would essentially be limited only by the mechanical strength of the engine
probably a revvy diesel engine is a better starting point if you want to make stupid power
also i feel like you end up wanting to inject a lot more hydrogen than oxygen at high load to keep temperatures in line and maximize power production, but at low load you probably want to inject more oxygen than hydrogen and probably later in the cycle, like offsetting pumping losses and maximizing the hydrocarbon fuel combustion but avoiding oxygen enrichment into a regime of significant oxidative stress for the cylinder walls
tl;dr: I think the goofy HHO shit would work like a motherfucker if they used electrolyzers capable of adequate separation for direct compression and pressurized storage with like an auxiliary ECM, offset time of production of the electrolysis gas and high pressure direct port injection and could make basically anything with pistons and wheels pull like a top fuel dragster (for at least a single piston stroke -- mileage may vary considerably with mechanical strength of engine and drive train)
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2022.01.19 02:19 Tough-Chocolate4124 Experience Raising a Vocal Rough Collie?

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2022.01.19 02:19 SarcasmCupcakes 2 5s + Today’s + ffs

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2022.01.19 02:19 CthuhlusPriest Players want to build a Warforged army

 Basically the title. I’m dming some hombrewy mini games in the word of Eberron and I walked my players into a illegal warforged smuggling ring ran by goblinoids. To set the scene I said there were dead WF with parts everywhere, arms, legs, torsos. Now they wants to use the gold they got to pay an artificer to build and repair the WF and make an army of sorts. I don’t want to say no exactly, but I also don’t want to make it too easy. I’m thinking of turning this into a goal of sorts, revolution against goblins maybe? What would the logistics of this be, gold, time, materials? They're currently level 5 as well. 
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2022.01.19 02:19 Freqondit Dr Caramelito, spewer of caramel, bringer of diabetes

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2022.01.19 02:19 Sweaty-Spend-8393 Found this and had to do it some justice.

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2022.01.19 02:19 djdigiejfkgksic My dog keeps injuring himself on the fence

TLDR: need a puncture proof vest for my dog
I live on a small farm and my neighbors pasture borders my yard. When her dogs come to the pasture our dogs will run up and down the fence with them for a while. This in itself isn’t a big issue, but one of our dogs wants to be RIGHT ON the fence. This has caused him to get some minor injuries and a mild injury ($700 vet bill) to his shoulders and sides.
We have repaired any areas we have found that he could scrape against but he keeps managing to find something that gives him scrapes and cuts. The neighbors dogs have continuous access to the area because they are LGDs and we don’t have a right to ask her to restrict them and we don’t want to have to leash him any time he goes outside but it is starting to get bad.
My question is, does anyone know of a puncture proof vest that he can wear when he goes outside? We really don’t want to restrict his outdoor time, but we really don’t want him to keep hurting himself. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.19 02:19 TalentedCannaMan Daily Focus 1.18.2022 B

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2022.01.19 02:19 sleepypeachys Omggggg after 145 essances i finally got her! Probably the best skin in the game with madam bella! Was gonna be so sad if she didn't come home

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2022.01.19 02:19 gibaj_ what survivor(s) do you main and why?

I love playing jill bc I'm a die hard resident evil frog and mikaela just because I like her style a lot. what about for you guys if you play survivor?
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2022.01.19 02:19 Pineapplegirl555 What is the scariest/creepiest thing you’ve experienced in the woods?

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2022.01.19 02:19 Lamri247 Why did I get some Arcane Dust?

I logged into Hearthstone and I got greeted with this message! Why did I get some dust today?
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2022.01.19 02:19 nwL_ “Pure Black” is not pure black

Please open this post on an OLED display, turn your brightness all the way up, and then compare these two screenshots (or, turn on Pure Black Mode and compare this post to the second screenshot)
The first, a screenshot of a post in Apollo.
The second, a screenshot of a website with a pure black background.
As you can see, Apollo is not “pure black”, not even with the “PURER black” mode turned on, which can be clearly seen in comparison.
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2022.01.19 02:19 konoha_ka_ladka 2022 AFC Women's Asian Cup - India's best chance to qualify for a FIFA World Cup on merit

India is hosting the 2022 Women's Asian Cup which starts from 20th Jan played across 3 venues in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune. 12 Teams from Asia will be competing for the cup. Unlike the men's tournament the Asian Cup doubles up as qualifiers for the FIFA Women's World Cup. The teams are divided in three groups of 4 teams each. The top 2 teams in each group qualify for the quarter finals. Also the two best 3rd placed teams will also play the quarter finals. Do join us on IndianFootball as we will host Match Threads for the game.

Why is it India's best chance to qualify for FIFA World Cup on merit? For a number of reasons,

  1. Asia has 6 Direct slots and 2 Inter-continental playoff spots for 2023 FIFA World cup. So in a 12 Team tournament, 50% of the teams get a direct qualification to the World Cup.
  2. Strong teams like North Korea, Uzbekistan and Jordan are not part of this tournament because they withdrew from qualifiers or didn't top their qualifier groups
  3. India's Group - We are drawn with China, Taiwan and Iran in the group. Since up to 3 teams can get out of the group India has a good chance to make it to the quarterfinals. India can also draw inspiration from recent results vs Iran and Taiwan. India defeated Taiwan 1-0 a few months back in a friendly and also defeated Iran 1-0 in 2019 when Iran came to India to play in a friendly tournament. However both of these matches were very close and none of the teams can be considered favorites in these fixtures. As the coach himself has said, the target for the team is to get to the quarterfinals. China have been historically very strong in women's football. In recent times they have lost some of their domination but it would be a huge upset if India can get a result vs China.
  4. Host Advantage - Familiarity with the conditions, weather and the pitch would at least put the home team at ease compared to others arriving from overseas.
If India win the quarter-final tie they directly qualify for the World Cup. Even if India lose, the quarterfinal losers will play each other and the two winner's of this tie will qualify for the world cup. So if India face an impossible hurdle in quarterfinals and are drawn against a team like South Korea they still have a chance to make it to the world cup. Since Australia are the 2023 World Cup hosts the above format of world cup qualification only takes place if Australia reach the semi-finals in the Asian Cup. This is the most likely scenario, for details of the other two scenarios you can read this great article by ESPN
Fixtures and Broadcast The tournament will be broadcasted on Eurosports and livestreamed on JioTV
Official list of International Broadcasters
The Squad Goalkeepers: Aditi Chauhan (1), Maibam Linthoingambi Devi (23), Sowmiya Narayanasamy (19).
Defenders: Dalima Chhibber (17), Sweety Devi Ngangbam (2), Ritu Rani (21), Loitongbam Ashalata Devi (4), Manisa Panna (3), Hemam Shilky Devi (5), Sanju Yadav (8).
Midfielders: Yumnam Kamala Devi (6), Anju Tamang (9), Karthika Angamuthu (20), Nongmeithem Ratanbala Devi (7), Naorem Priyangka Devi (14), Indumathi Kathiresan (12).
Forwards: Manisha Kalyan (16), Grace Dangmei (11), Pyari Xaxa (10), Renu (15), Sumati Kumari (22), Sandhiya Ranganathan (13), Mariyammal Balamurugan (18)
Players to Watch It is a very young squad, with the average age of 23. Aditi Chauhan is the first choice goalkeeper and an experienced member of the sqaud. We also did an AMA with Aditi a few years ago. Ashalata Devi captains the team and is another experienced presence. In the attack India has the trio of Manisha, Dangmei Grace and Pyari Xaxa who are rapid! The have terrific pace and fitness and can do some damage on the counter attack. However India is sadly missing Bala Devi due to an ACL injury. She was the AIFF Women's Player of the year who went to Scotland and played for Rangers. Overall it is going to be tough challenge for the girls, the opening fixture vs Iran is going to be crucial since on paper that is the most winnable fixture.
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